Troy honors departing school board member

TROY - The Troy Area School Board recently recognized a departing school board member.

At the board's regular monthly meeting this week, board member Larry Grace was recognized for his four years of service on the board. It was his final meeting, and he did not stand for re-election, according to district superintendent W. Charles Young.

"He's not running again, but we would like to acknowledge his service to the Troy Area School District's students, staff and community," Young said. Grace was applauded.

Board president Todd Curren thanked Grace for his four years of service.

"You've been a real asset to this district and this board, and you've done some great things as far as buildings and grounds are concerned," he told him. "Hopefully, we can carry them on and continue with them, but we thank you very much for your service."

"It has, actually, been enjoyable," Grace said.

"The board is an excellent board right now and you're very well balanced, and that's going to help everybody going forward," he continued. "I want to thank the community for allowing me to serve four years, but I am ready to do something different."

He expressed interest in possibly being an umpire or referee.

"So maybe you'll see me on your payroll someday," he said.

Providing a lighthearted moment, board member Mike Olsyn told him, "you know you have to be interviewed."

In other business, board vice president Dan Martin said he wanted to comment on the issue of the administration building.

"We did have a meeting last week on that," he said.

In the past, the board has said that the administration building needs work, which district maintenance supervisor David Blair said is extensive. One possibility discussed was building a new administration building. Blair said the existing building wasn't designed as an office building, and doesn't accommodate this purpose well.

Martin said he believed that the board would be scheduling some community meetings on the issue. He said the meetings could be held next year.

"We're going to try to get the community involved in this, so they know exactly where we're headed, where we're going, what our options are," Martin said.

He said the board wanted "everybody" involved so no one is blindsided.

"We'll be having some extra meetings here in the future, I'm sure," he commented.

Board member Deb Harer expressed interest in including administrative employees in the discussion.

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