A Troy man has been charged with aggravated assault following a recent shooting incident in Towanda Borough, police said.

Late Thursday night, Joshua Andrew Harry, 32, pointed a .45-caliber automatic handgun in the area of Towanda resident Erin Stroud and fired twice, police said.

Stroud told police that Harry had pointed the gun by his feet and fired it after they had gotten into an argument, according to the Towanda police.

Harry told the police that he is dating Stroud's soon-to-be ex-wife, Crystal Stroud, according to the police.

The shooting took place outside 306 N. Main St. in Towanda, where Harry had been visiting a friend of his, Mindy Lee, on Thursday night, police said.

After Harry finished visiting Lee, he discovered that someone had spray-painted the passenger side of his vehicle, police said.

Harry called 911 to report the vandalism while standing outside Lee's home, police said. Harry later told the police that when he finishing making the phone call, he saw Erin Stroud, who lives at 307 N. Main St., standing outdoors, according to the Towanda police.

Harry and Erin Stroud then got into an argument, police said.

Harry told police that Erin Stroud came over to him and started to "puff up," according to a criminal complaint that the Towanda police filed against Harry in Towanda District Court.

Harry told the police that at that point, Stroud was four feet away from him and he warned Stroud to get away, according to the complaint.

Harry told police that when Erin Stroud refused to leave, he pulled out his gun, pointed it at the ground, and fired two shots, the complaint states. Harry told the Towanda Police that he had fired the gun "near" Stroud, but not "at" Stroud, the complaint states.

Erin Stroud told the police that after the first shot was fired, he pulled out a .380-caliber pistol that he was carrying, according to the complaint. Erin Stroud told the police that after Harry fired the second shot, he pointed the .380-caliber pistol at Harry's head, and said to Harry, "You got a gun, I got one, too," according to the complaint.

Erin Stroud told the police that Harry then ran into Lee's residence and that he went back into his residence, according to the police.

Erin Stroud told the police that the first shot hit near his foot, but that he did not know where the second shot went, according to the complaint.

Besides aggravated assault, Harry was charged with simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, police said.

Harry was arraigned by the on-call magisterial district judge. Harry was then sent to the Bradford County jail in lieu of $85,000 bail, police said.

Harry must attend a preliminary hearing before Towanda Magisterial District Judge Timothy Clark on Nov. 7.

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