A Troy man, who was charged at the beginning of November with aiming and shooting a handgun near a Towanda man's feet, is now facing additional charges for threatening the victim's life in a Dec. 24 text message, police said.

Joshua Andrew Harry, 33, of Troy sent a text message to Towanda resident Erin Stroud on Dec. 24 which states that he and Stroud will meet again, and that when they do, Stroud will not walk away from it, according to the Towanda police.

Harry also stated in the text message that Stroud would be seeing his father, who is deceased, soon, according to the police said.

Harry was charged on Dec. 27 with terrorist threats and harassment in connection with his text message, police said.

On the night of Nov. 1, Harry and Stroud had gotten into an argument outside Stroud's home on North Main Street in Towanda, during which Harry pointed a .45-caliber automatic handgun "in the area" of Stroud and fired twice, according to the Towanda police.

At the time, Harry was dating Stroud's soon-to-be ex-wife, Crystal Stroud.

Immediately after the shooting, Towanda police arrested Harry and charged him with aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.

However, five days later, the Commonwealth withdrew the aggravated assault charge, according to the district attorney.

The aggravated assault charge was withdrawn because an affidavit filed by the Towanda police in Towanda District Court established that the shots fired by Harry were not aimed at or intended to hit Stroud, said Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett.

The aggravated assault charge "didn't apply to the facts of the case," Barrett said.

"The shooting in these circumstances was a serious offense, but not aggravated assault," the district attorney said. "Aggravated assault requires either intent to injure or actual injury."

Harry was free on $85,000 bail when he sent the text message to Stroud.

Harry had told the police that just before the shooting, he and Erin Stroud had gotten into an argument and that Erin Stroud had approached him and had started to "puff up," according to the Towanda police.

Harry told the police that at that point, Stroud was four feet away from him and that he warned Stroud to get away, according to the police.

Harry told police that when Erin Stroud refused to leave, he pulled out his gun, pointed it at the ground, and fired two shots, according to the police. Harry told the police that he had fired the gun "near" Erin Stroud, but not "at" him, according to police.

Harry was arraigned on the terroristic threats and harassment charges on Jan. 2 by Towanda Magisterial District Judge Timothy Clark.

Clark then released Harry on non-monetary bail, according to the Towanda District Court.

Harry must attend a preliminary hearing today before Judge Clark on the on the terroristic threats and harassment charges.

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