TROY - The subject of charter schools came up at the last Troy Area School Board meeting.

Former school board member and former school board president Keith Morgan, who expressed support for reopening Mosherville Elementary School, brought up the matter.

He was concerned about the time spent on the buses by some students, a concern that has been expressed by a handful parents at school board meetings this summer.

Morgan put forth the idea of charter schools as another option.

"Does this board support charter schools?" Morgan asked.

Board member Mike Olsyn said it did not.

"It's tough to say we would support a charter school," board president Todd Curren said. "First of all, there would have to be an application."

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) website, individuals interested in establishing a new, conversion or regional charter school must complete a charter application and submit it to the local school district board of directors where the public charter school is to be located.

The description notes, "The Charter School Law provides specific timelines for the application process. Charter school applications are approved or are denied by a majority vote of the chartering district's board of school directors. It is the responsibility of a charter applicant to demonstrate how the proposed charter school will enhance student learning opportunities and offer substantively unique and innovative educational options for the community. Each chartering district may identify criteria for the evaluation of a charter application."

The PDE notes that "a review of charter school research and literature and the practices of the states that have charter schools, reveals that planning for charter schools should have the following components: School Design, Needs Assessment, Description of Founding/Management Team, Finance and Facility, Implementation and Administration, and Charter Template.

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