TROY - The Troy Area School Board had a message about education funding Tuesday as it voted to advertise and display the 2012-13 proposed final budget.

Troy Area School District Business Manager Kirsten Bagley read the following statement:

"We cannot spend our way to a better education."

"We cannot cut our way to a better education either."

"We do not think the proper place to balance our budget is on the backs of our children's education."

"We are saddling our future generations with enormous debt and excessive taxes, while limiting their education as a means to deal with these issues and all future challenges."

"We hear our elected officials tell us that we need to operate our districts like businesses. What business would operate the way our state and national governments are operating? Would Henry Ford have expected his assembly line workers to be productive without the knowledge of how to build a car? Would the local gas production wells have been possible without the technology to find the gas formations?"

"Education is the single most important issue facing this nation's future. Without an educated population, we will not be able to increase jobs, pay our staggering national debt, or continue to lead the world in technology."

"Education needs to be properly funded. It needs to remain public. In that spirit, please retain the funding formulas that are basic education funding, transportation reimbursement, and Social Security."

On the budget, Bagley said the proposed tax increase is 1.5 mils, which will bring in $230,000. The remainder of the shortfall the district was facing, $500,000, will be covered with money from the reserves.

The proposed spending plan is $21 million, and the board will vote on the final budget on June 19.

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