TROY - Borough council is already thinking ahead to 2014.

At this week's council meeting, borough manager Dan Close talked with council members about developing goals "for projects or things they want to see achieved in 2014."

"I think in '13, we need to be ready for '14," he commented.

Close said he would take such steps for 2013, but he noted that "we've already really got our goals pretty much established for 2013." This year's goals include such projects as the traffic light upgrade and the completion of the Weigester Street paving.

Close described to council the process by which the goals would be established.

The borough manager told council that each council committee will hold meetings within a specified timeline to "brainstorm and develop goals within that committee's jurisdiction."

"The committee chairman will schedule the meetings with notifications being made by the (administration) office," he continued. "The committees will develop a minimum of three goals or projects each, and they will be fairly broad-based and somewhat vague at that point."

He said the goals and projects will be prioritized within the committees.

"Each goal and project will then be developed to some depth, exploring and documenting factors such as cost, time, need, and resources to complete the project and the expected outcomes of the goals and projects," he said. "Then, each committee will present its developed goals and projects list to council at a public meeting."

Close said, "this could be - and (council president) Jason (Hodlofski) agrees -- should be a night meeting."

"So, when the committees come into council with their goals prioritized for '14, the public will be able to comment on how they feel about those goals for the community, so council has that info when they make their decision," he said.

"Council will then choose one goal or project out of the committee's three, and prioritize those six goals - because there are six committees - chosen for future implementation. Each committee will then begin meeting to develop an implementation strategy for its assigned goal or project, including timelines for starting and completing as well as a project budget and how it fits into the borough's overall budget."

"Each of these will be reviewed by council again at a public meeting," he continued. "That, too, could be a night meeting - should be a night meeting - at which time the first project will be chosen for implementation. So, out of those six, committees will grind those down, bring them back in, council will look at all that, and then as a group, as a whole, with public comment, you will decide which one of those you want to pick, and send it to the manager for execution."

He said the first public meeting will be around April 15, assuming council is able to adhere to the timeline.

"I think it makes good sense," said council member Bob Ives. "I think it's a great idea."

Council member Jen Malehorn said, "I think also the night meetings will be good for public input."

Close noted that he will start developing the 2014 budget in September.

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