TROY - Troy Borough Council is continuing to look at different options for the future of the sale barn.

No final decision has been made on any one option, however.

On Thursday, council member Krystle Bristol said that although council last month agreed to solicit bids for the purchase and demolition of the sale barn, and the subsequent clean-up of the property, that's by far not the only option that's being considered. She said that "several options to preserve the building are being looked into."

"Options are being reviewed, and non-destructive options have been and are currently being looked into, but other parties and organizations are potentially involved, so we would like to finalize and solidify any agreements with them before making an announcement," she said.

Bristol said that she is the general government committee chair, and this will be the committee reviewing recommendations for the sale barn.

In an email, she stated, "First, I would like to say that the comment made by (councilman) Mr. (Bob) Ives in the April meeting was simply a suggestion and no official action has been taken on it. There was no vote to tear down the sale barn and several options to preserve the building are being looked into. I had a lengthy discussion with the borough manager yesterday and we will be having a committee meeting soon so that options can hopefully be presented at the May meeting."

She continued, "In talking to members of the community, I have heard a lot of discussion on putting the property up for sale. This could be a good option; however, then there would be no control over the fate of the building -- the new owner could simply tear it down. As it stands, options are being explored for non-destructive uses of the property that don't require tax payer money."

In referencing a petition going around town in favor of saving the sale barn, Bristol said, "I would like to encourage community members that are signing the petition and promoting its circulation to make suggestions to the Borough on options they would like consideration, or even to set up a fund for its restoration. From what I have seen and heard, a non-destructive solution that does not use tax payer funds would be ideal. Encourage anyone with an option to make it known through the borough, because the borough welcomes them.

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