TROY TWP. - Last year, the old Troy Township building was destroyed in heat and fire.

Now, a new building is arising amid the cold and snow.

At the township property on Gulf Road, workers with Penn State Construction, based in Lewistown, were busy Wednesday as they worked in the freezing temperatures at the construction site where the frame of the new building now stands.

The construction foreman, John Tate, said they started working about two weeks ago, and expect to be done in mid-February. He said the new building will be a post-frame structure.

When the job began, he said, they had to deal with mud and rain, and then more recently, the snow, which had to be removed. With the snow drifting, he said, the weather slowed them down, but it didn't put anything behind schedule.

"Now that the snow quit from last week, we are getting back on track," he said

According to Tate, the new building will feature 2,400 square feet of storage space and another 2,400 square feet for office space for the township and Code Inspections, Inc. The shop space will measure 8,400 square feet. The building will be 60 feet wide by 220 feet long, which is bigger than the old building. At its peak, the building will be 28 feet high.

For now, supervisors are continuing to operate out of a trailer on the site.

On June 3, the fire destroyed most of the township building and the majority of the township's road maintenance equipment, causing more then $650,000 worth of damage, according to Troy Fire Chief Roy Vargson.

At the time of the fire, Vargson had said that the township building's garage and storage area were destroyed in the fire, as were four dump trucks and a Caterpillar loader, which were inside the garage. There was less damage in other parts of the building.

The fire was electrical in nature, according to Vargson.

Vargson said the state police fire marshal investigated the blaze, and determined it was "an electrical problem in one of the trucks that was in the garage."

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