TROY TWP. - Loose metal makes a clanging sound as wind blows through the ruins of the Troy Township Building.

Beside the twisted hulk of the burned structure, the remains of dump trucks are loaded onto a large tow vehicle.

On June 3, a fire destroyed most of the township building and the majority of the township's road maintenance equipment, causing more then $650,000 worth of damage, according to Troy Fire Chief Roy Vargson.

Nearly a month later, the township is still dealing with the aftermath. A temporary trailer has been set up on the site to house the township office and Code Inspections, Inc.

The vehicles burned in the fire were being towed away Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the township monthly meeting has been moved to the Troy Fire Hall.

At the time of the fire, Vargson had said that the township building's garage and storage area were destroyed in the fire, as were four dump trucks and a Caterpillar loader, which were inside the garage. There was less damage in other parts of the building.

The fire was electrical in nature, according to Vargson.

Vargson said the state police fire marshal investigated the blaze, and determined it was "an electrical problem in one of the trucks that was in the garage."

When asked if the whole building would be torn down, supervisor Don Jenkins said he didn't know yet.

"It's all in the insurance company's hands," he said. Jenkins said the residents of the township are aware of the alternate arrangements that have been for the township office and the meetings, in the wake of the fire.

He was anxious to see progress.

"I can't wait until it's cleaned up. I'm tired of looking at it."

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