Christopher Michael Shulas, 35, of Ulster is accused of pointing a loaded gun at an Ulster woman's head and then trying to stick an empty hypodermic needle into her neck, police said.

The woman told the state police that the incident occurred on Jan. 15 after the two had taken bath salts together, according to the state police at Towanda.

The woman, 29-year-old Karen Elaine Stevens, told the state police that Shulas become violent and out of control at his residence after they used the drug on Jan. 15, according to a criminal complaint that the state police filed against Shulas on Feb. 13 in Towanda District Court.

Stevens provided the state police with the following account of Shulas' actions after they took the bath salts on Jan. 15, according to the criminal complaint:

Shulas began slapping Stevens and then he tried to inject her with a hypodermic needle filled with bath salts.

Stevens was able to get away from Shulas, and he threw the needle at her.

Shulas slapped Stevens in the face, injuring her upper lip, and then he picked up a gun that was in his room.

The violent encounter continued, and then Shulas left the bedroom and went into the living room with the gun, according to reports.

While Shulas was out of the room, Stevens emptied the bath salts from the needle and broke the needle by jamming it into the floor.

Shulas then re-entered the bedroom and pointed the gun at Stevens' head.

Shulas then tried to put the empty needle into her neck.

At this point, Shulas' father entered the bedroom and took the gun from him.

Christopher Shulas slapped Stevens again, knocking her to the ground.

State police said they were called to Christopher Shulas' residence at approximately 2 p.m. on Jan. 15, after the incident took place, because Shulas was reported to be unconscious from taking bath salts.

When police arrived at the residence, Shulas was in "medical distress" due to an apparent adverse reaction to the drug, police said. He was taken to Robert Packer Hospital for treatment, police said.

Christopher Shulas has been charged with the first-degree felony of aggravated assault, because he tried to inject Stevens with a syringe full of bath salts, police said.

Shulas was also charged with the first-degree misdemeanor of terroristic threats and the second-degree misdemeanor of recklessly endangering another person, police said. He was arraigned before Towanda Magisterial District Judge Timothy Clark on Wednesday, and sent to the Bradford County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail. Shulas' preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 20.

Stevens, who is accused of providing bath salts to Shulas, has been charged with delivery, or possession with intent to deliver bath salts, police said.

Stevens was arraigned before Judge Clark, and then released on non-monetary bail. Her preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 20.

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