Ulster Township supervisors passed a motion Monday to hold road bonds from Chesapeake Energy until the company repairs several deteriorating roads.

Supervisor Dick Farr made the motion to hold the bonds for all previously bonded roads, with the exception of the recently seal-coated Oak Hill Road, after supervisors said the company failed to make good on an agreed-upon repair schedule. "I'm tired of monkeying with them," he said.

The motion to withdraw the bonds passed 2-1, with Jeff Lenox voting yes and Boyd Rowe voting no.

Chesapeake has been working to renew the road bonds with the township, which expired in February, Rowe said. However, supervisors said they have been mostly dissatisfied with the lack of action taken on a work order they said company officials gave them earlier in the year. That agreement was not signed and is not legally binding, supervisors said.

Trucks have continued to operate on the previously bonded roads on a "good faith" agreement, supervisors said. However, Farr said Monday he was not happy with the lack of repairs and he felt the company was not giving him any answers as to a repair timetable.

On Mountain Road, township road crews can't even grade the road because there isn't any material on it, Farr said. The road is one of many that needs to be repaired and sealed, he said.

While Rowe voted against withdrawing the bonds, he acknowledged the need to make repairs. "They do have to fix the roads," he said. "I'm not defending their actions, by any means."

Supervisors will work with Chesapeake to re-bond the roads once the repairs are completed, Farr said.

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