At 8:07 p.m. on Wednesday, the Tioga County Sheriff's Office was called to 281 Thorn Hollow Rd. in the Town of Tioga, N.Y. by 62-year old Doug Every, a local realtor. What they found when they arrived was the deceased body of 39-year old Milton Jump, who had been stabbed.

According to Senior Investigator Pat Hogan, from the Tioga County Sheriff’s Department, they arrived at the scene and conducted an initial investigation that led to the charge of second degree murder for Doug Every. Hogan noted that there was one witness at the scene as well, and as all the facts are corroborated, more will be revealed as to what happened Wednesday evening.

“We are still trying to determine the validity of the facts at this point,” said Hogan of what he learned initially at the scene. Hogan also noted that statements were made that there was alcohol consumption at the time the incident occurred.

At this time, according to Hogan, a post-mortem examination of Milton Jump is being performed, and once the results of the exam are revealed, it will offer more information as to what exactly happened. What they do know is that Milton Jump was stabbed, but the details of what unfolded won’t be clear until more is revealed through this investigation.

“The home is still a crime scene,” said Hogan. He added, “We will no more as things proceed.”

In the meantime, Doug Every was arraigned in the Tioga Court on Wednesdayevening and remanded to the Tioga County Jail. In the near future, Doug Every will be transported to the Tioga County Courthouse for arraignment by a county judge on the murder charges, and for an initial appearance.

Hogan noted that a local justice can’t set any bail for these charges, and that it is left to the county court. Currently, Doug Every is being remanded without bail.

The Tioga County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Tioga  County District Attorney’s Office and the Tioga County Coroner’s  Office.