At their most recent meeting, the Bradford County commissioners took steps toward improving several county-owned facilities, including Mt. Pisgah County Park and the Bradford County Courthouse annex.

The commissioners voted to apply for a state grant to help pay for a $79,000 project that would involve installing playground equipment at Mt. Pisgah County Park and repairing a pavilion in the park.

The project involves creating a new playground area near the summit of Mt. Pisgah in Mt. Pisgah County Park, which would include a lot of different pieces of playground equipment, county officials said.

The park currently does not have playground equipment.

The project would repair a large crack in a concrete block wall at one end of the lower pavilion in the summit area of Mt. Pisgah, said Kim Corbett, county maintenance director. "The structure (itself) of the pavilion is O.K.," he said.

The state grant, which would be the amount of $39,000, would pay for half of the $79,000 project, with the county paying the other half, Bradford County Commissioner Doug McLinko said.

The grant would be provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources,

The commissioners on Thursday opened the five bids that had been submitted for a new pump house for an existing well near the summit of Mount Pisgah.

The construction of the pump house is part of an ongoing project to bring potable water back to Mt. Pisgah County Park.

The pump house will contain two 1,000-gallon water tanks to store water from the well, which will be piped to campsites in the park and to two pavilions.

An existing pump house for the well, which is in poor condition, will be torn down.

The bids were: Ralph Wilston of Mainesburg, $32,000; Chilewski Enterprises of Fleetville, Pa., $71,000; C.B. Structures Inc. of New Holland, Pa., $79,727; Middendorf Contracting, Towanda, $58,645.52; and G. Webster Inc. of Athens, $78,341.

The commissioners voted to take the bids under advisement so that the county could review them.

The creation of the playground area, the construction of the pump house, and the repair of the pavilion wall are all projects that were recommended by the master plan for Bradford County's three county parks, county Commissioner Mark Smith said.

The commissioners also voted to advertise for bids for the replacement of all of the windows of the courthouse annex.

The windows in the building are not the original ones, but they are old, Corbett said.

Replacing them is a safety issue, as they are huge and heavy and would be difficult for a woman to lift in a fire or other emergency, he said.

McLinko said that a recent window replacement project in the courthouse itself significantly improved the retention of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, and he said he expects to see the same results in the annex.

Roof project

The commissioners also voted to accept a $23,892 bid, which was submitted by Tim Beyliff's Remodeling Inc. of Schuylkill Haven, Pa., to replace the roof on the Beacon Light building in North Towanda Township.

Beyliff's Remodeling submitted the lowest of the three bids that were submitted for the roof project.

While the roof is not currently leaking, it is at the end of its useful life, McLinko has said.

The commissioners also opened three bids that were submitted for Phase 3 of the upgrade and expansion of the waste water treatment plant at the Bradford County Manor.

The bids for Phase 3 were: R.B. Robinson of Candor, N.Y., $42,560; Middendorf Contracting, $52,200; and Chilewski Enterprises of Fleetville, $96,000.

Phase 3 involves creating a concrete walkway and paving around the treatment plant, and replacing old, rusty anodes underneath an existing tank at the facility.

The commissioners voted to take the bids for Phase 3 under advisement so that they could be reviewed.

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