The Valley Relief Council recently met a goal to move the owners of flood-damaged homes still residing at a temporary mobile home community in Athens Township back into their residences.

With help from volunteer construction crews, the VRC was able to return four families to their homes in the last two months. All VRC-assisted homeowners but one are now back in their residences, said Lucinda Brown, VRC chairperson.

Three homeowners living in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's temporary community off Wilawana Road were recently able to return to their homes, Brown said. The VRC diverted its resources during the winter months to making those homes livable in advance of FEMA's March deadline for the park, which marked 18 months since the Sept. 2011 flood.

"We managed to get everybody home that we were working with," Brown said.

About 20 homes in Sayre and Athens, while livable, still need finishing touches, Brown said. The focus of volunteers has shifted recently to smaller projects, such as the installation of insulation and removal of mold.

Crews also continue to work on the remaining house that requires major work and are making great progress, Brown said. The house's walls have been put up, and joints were recently installed in the sheet rock.

The organization has also focused recently on familiarizing a new construction supervisor with the VRC's projects and homeowners.

VRC officials have said they hope to have work completed in Sayre and Athens by late summer.

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