WAVERLY - The Waverly Central School District next week will unveil the details of a new master schedule at the middle and high school, officials said Tuesday.

Dr. Randy Richards, who began serving July 1 as the district's superintendent, told the board of education Tuesday that he's reached a tentative agreement regarding the schedule with the Waverly Teachers Association.

The new master schedule, he said, is a response to lower than desired achievement scores in the district. The schedule, which Richards said is still being "maximized," aims to provide students with more time to learn, he said.

Richards has also moved new student registration to the district office instead of holding it at individual schools for consistency purposes, he told the board at Tuesday's special meeting. The move "does take a bit off building secretaries and administrative assistants," he said.

Richards said he is developing an entry plan and will meet with each board member and other key stakeholders to identify their preferences and favorite things about the district. After gathering information, Richards will present an entry plan around October and hopes to involve the board in strategic planning and goal setting based on the plan, he said.

The board also received a facilities improvement update Tuesday from Richards and director of management services Dave Mastrantuono. This summer's improvements are on target, and work at War Memorial Stadium is almost complete.

Work on the stadium's turf field is complete, and the field performed well during a Sunday test run. Crews started landscaping work Tuesday and will wrap up concrete and bleacher work in the coming weeks, Mastrantuono said.

The field will be ready for the scheduled Aug. 18 start of fall athletics, Mastrantuono said.

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