At Thursday's board of education work session, superintendent Joseph Yelich asked members of the Waverly Central School District board's policy committee to form more concrete procedures regarding athletic donations and advertising on school grounds.

Yelich said he would like a policy to be formed in the event that a large-scale donor offers to help fund the costs of renovations to Memorial Stadium. Yelich said at September's board meeting that he has heard interest from possible donors.

The district does have a current policy regarding athletic donations. However, Yelich said the policy - which allows the district, with permission from the superintendent and school board, to accept donations and post thank-you signs on the property - may be "overwhelmed" by the interest in donating to the stadium project. Memorial Stadium's proposed renovations include a new grass or turf field, refurbished bleachers and renovated walkways and facilities.

Yelich said the board "is going to want to have a policy stance" on the donations for financial and legal reasons. The policy will "help with being able to respond to these things if they come," he said.

Yelich also requested that the policy committee revisit existing policies on non-resident students and the use of district buildings and grounds by outside organizations and form a policy on cyber-bullying to comply with the recently enacted Dignity for All Students Act.

The board also voted to accept an audit performed by Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little, Mickelson and Company for the year ending June 30, 2012.

The audit revealed minimal concerns regarding the district's finances, with the exception of the district's extracurricular activity funds, which revealed one material weakness regarding the proper authorization of cash receipts.

The audit also found that four of 17 student ledgers did not reconcile with the central treasurer's records, some errors were made regarding cash disbursements, and one receipt out of 20 examined was not submitted to the treasurer in a timely fashion, according to the audit report. Other deficiencies found in the activities fund were later resolved, the report states.

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