WAVERLY - The village's board of trustees Tuesday voted to approve a revised building permit fee schedule to bring the village more in line with surrounding municipalities.

The approved changes include increases in building permit fees, certificates of occupancy and compliance, contractor's license fees and excavation costs, as well as police and recreation fees and business permits.

Under the approved recommendations, the price of building permits for construction between $8,001 and $32,000 will increase by $20, bringing permit costs to between $70 and $95 depending on the amount of construction.

The price of a building permit for construction over $32,000 will increase to $95 plus $5 per additional $1,000, up from $2 per additional $1,000.

The cost of a certificate of occupancy or certificate of compliance will double to $50, while the fee for a temporary certificate of occupancy will remain at $25. The contractor's licensing fee will increase from $75 to $100.

Excavation fees have also increased, with basic excavations up to 50 square feet doubling in price, to $100, with excavations in excess of 50 square feet costing an additional dollar per square foot. The village will also charge a minimum of $250 to repair road cuts, said trustee Mike Steck.

Steck said he and street department head Jack Pond are working on guidelines for digging into roadways, including specifications and maintenance requirements.

The police department's impound fee will increase from $5 per day to $10, plus a $75 towing fee. Fingerprinting services will be free for village residents and $25 for non-residents, a change from a flat fee of $10.

Alcohol permits for the village's parks will increase from $10 to $25, and a $50 deposit will be required for pavilions with a kitchen area.

Trustees agreed to remove a suggestion that the administrative fee for mowing lawns and shoveling snow be increased from $25 to $50 and that the services be contracted out and billed to the homeowner.

The village will continue to pursue the increase, but village attorney Betty Keene said the village code needs to be changed to clarify the procedure, as it currently delegates responsibility for such services to the street department.

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