For The Review

Dr. Robin Rodgers, DVM, recently announced the launch of an effort that will bring medical assistance to animals in the community, combined with a grant that will allow for others to assist.

Dr. Rodgers' mobile effort, dubbed the Wellness Waggin,' has already headed out to provide low cost services within the Southern Tier of New York, and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

After 20 years of practicing veterinary medicine in the Southern Tier, and noticing how the rising cost of veterinary care makes the choice between rent and veterinary care a reality for some people, Dr. Robin Rodgers of Four Winds Equine decided there might be a way to help them out.

The Wellness Waggin' is a reduced price, full service, mobile, veterinary facility. The Wellness Waggin' provides routine wellness care, short outpatient surgical care, dental care, x-rays, ultrasound and more from its mobile unit. More complex care can be transferred to Dr. Rodgers' home-based facility in Spencer, N.Y. All of the Wellness Waggin' prices are kept very low and special pricing is made available to low income families, seniors, students, folks with disabilities, barn cats, feral and stray cats.

How is it possible to offer all of this for less? It is definitely not by cutting corners. Dr. Rodgers offers high quality medicine for every animal, she has simply trimmed the fat, reduced the waste, and made it simpler and smaller. Much of her startup expenses where covered by donations of equipment and supplies from Four Winds Equine. Four Winds Equine also provided the van and its renovations.

The Wellness Waggin' covers its cost by collecting the fees from pet owners, but is forever attempting to build its Robin Hood Grant whereby people of means can assist those who are less fortunate with generous contributions designated to a sick animal owned by qualifying families. The funds from this grant are dispersed based upon medical necessity and financial need.

Dr. Robin Rodgers is looking for assistance to build this grant. She recently stated, "Sometimes an animal will develop an illness for which the owner can only manage to come up with some of the cost of helping it, and a life can be saved with just a little help from a donor or group of donors. Every donor has the option of knowing what their money was used for and can have photos of the animal they helped."

The Wellness Waggin' has weekly walk-in hours at the Tractor Supply Company in Sayre on Thursdays, between 2 and 6 p.m. They also have weekly walk-in hours at the Ithaca Tractor Supply Company from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Fridays. The Wellness Waggin' was recently at the Rite Aid parking lot in Owego, N.Y. for a feral cat day, and may have weekly hours in the near future.

If you want to help a furry friend, donations can be sent to Robin Hood Grant, 427 Washburn Rd., Spencer, NY 14883. Please make checks payable to Robin Rodgers, and include your return address information so she can send you a tax deductible form and details on how your contribution assisted.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment with the Wellness Waggin,' call (607) 589-4798.