WELLS TWP. - There's something different to see in Wells Township - a brand new township building.

Supervisors held their first meeting at the new building on Coryland Road this month, and hope to have it available for voters in the spring primary.

"We thought it would benefit all the taxpayers in the township," said township secretary Mary Hastings.

The new building, a charcoal-colored modular structure from Butters Homes, arose out of necessity.

Previously, Mosherville school served as the township's voting place and staging area for emergencies.

But when Mosherville school was closed by the Troy Area School District, it could no longer be used for those purposes, so a new place was needed.

In the interim, voting has taken place at the Coryland Church.

Before voting can take place at the new township building, however, a handicapped ramp must be put in place

Supervisors are working to get the ramp done so the Bradford County Director of Elections can inspect it. It must be done by mid-April for the inspection.

"That's what we're shooting for, so people can use it for voting," Hastings said.

The installation of the handicapped ramp, which will be put on the front of the building, is the last remaining piece of work to be done at the building.

The ramp will start on the tennis court side of the building and will end at a landing at the front door. There will also be steps at the front of the building. In addition, there will be two cement handicapped parking spaces in front.

There is also a side entrance, which is currently being used.

In addition, Hastings said the building will be helpful as the township's emergency staging area, because the township's shop building doesn't work well for this purpose.

Hastings said she expects that natural gas impact fee money will pay for the cost of the building.

"It's fine, so far," said supervisor David Stewart of the new building.

He said it has a full, furnished kitchen; two bathrooms, one for men and one for women; a big meeting room; and a small utility room.

Stewart said that he expects it will be open for the public to view when the Wells Township Community Days is held this summer.

The building is located beside the township park, where the event is held.

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