TROY - On "Read Across America Day" each year, people read books by Dr. Seuss, but a Canton High School student did something different for this year's event.

At Canton Elementary School Friday, she read a book about Dr. Seuss that she wrote herself.

Alexandria Ayrton, 17, of Ralston, a junior, wrote and illustrated her book, titled "The Great Dr. Seuss."

Her literary endeavor was done for her senior project at school.

"It rhymes like his books," she explained.

She said children at the school enjoyed it, and one teacher, Wendy Route, even offered to buy it from her.

Written in rhyme like the Dr. Seuss books, Alexandria's book offers information about the famous author's life.

One excerpt reads, "Theodor Seuss Geisel born in 1904 brought more joy to kids than a candy store."

Originally, she wrote the story for a public speaking class, and her teacher then gave her the idea to take it to the next level.

Alexandria said it took her about a month to do the illustrations, which are painted in acrylic.

She said the students liked her illustrations of the Dr. Seuss characters.

In addition to reading the book, Alexandria and her assistants, Hailie Montgomery, Shelby Clark, Stormy Melissa, Hope Artley, Alyssa Black, Logan Rook, Debbie Jennings, and Emily Ambruch, did workshops with the students.

This included face painting, a bow tie macaroni craft, books and puzzle activities, and a "Green Eggs and Ham" pudding activity.

Hope said the kids really liked Alexandria's artwork, and "couldn't stop looking at it."

"She definitely worked hard, that's for sure," Stormy commented.

On Thursday, they presented the program to kindergarten students, and on Friday they were on hand for the first graders.

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