'Farm Fresh Friday' program presented to kindergarten students

CANTON - Kindergarten students at Canton Area Elementary School had a lot of questions about pigs Friday.

And there was someone on hand to give them lots of answers as part of the "Farm Fresh Fridays" program in the theaterette.

Paul Yoachim of Rome, a retired pig farmer, talked to the kids and gave them all kinds of information.

They were curious about how a pig snorts, and Paul told them that pigs inhale air and blow it out of their nostrils.

Not surprisingly, one kid snorted and this started a whole round of snorting.

It was all in fun.

Paul also did a pig call for the kids.

One student, Mercedes Ryan, asked what pigs do all day.

Paul told her that they eat, sleep, and grow.

He told them the difference between a pig and a hog. After weighing 120 pounds, a pig is considered a hog, he said.

"I'm amazed at the questions the kids are asking," said school nurse Deb Keppler, who coordinates the Farm Fresh Fridays program.

"I think they're enjoying it," she said. "I think he does a good job."

Paul had plenty of other facts about pigs for the kids.

He told them every part of the pig is used, except the squeal.

For example, he noted that byproducts from pigs are used to make cosmetics and even crayons.

Paul told the students that pigs will balance their diet naturally.

"Too much of any one thing is not good for you," he told them.

In other words, don't make a pig of yourself.

He also said that pigs can't sweat, so that's why they roll around in the mud.

"They love laying in the mud," he said. "I've had them laying in the mud where all you could see was their ears and eyes."

He also noted that pigs are smart, can swim, and have a nose that's more powerful than a dog's.

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