TROY - It's a grand old flag - and a big one, too.

Every year around Flag Day and the Fourth of July, Cooke's Pharmacy in downtown Troy decorates its store window with a large flag that's been around for a long time.

It only has 48 stars.

Pharmacy owner Lyle Haflett said the flag was upstairs in the building when he bought it in 1971.

He doesn't know where the flag came from; it was just there.

Haflett doesn't know its exact dimensions, but anyone can see that it's a really big flag.

You can see it if you walk by Cooke's. Draped in the store's large window, it creates a star-spangled display that makes you feel downright patriotic.

If anyone has any information about the flag, Haflett encourages them to call him at (570) 297-2848.

Kaitlin Jackson, who works at the pharmacy, is impressed by the size of the flag and the history it represents.

"I think it's cool."

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