TROY - A "Cookie Depo" recently sprang up in Troy.

It was the first time that the Cookie Depo, which is the place where Girl Scouts pick up their Girl Scout Cookie orders, was held in Troy.

Girl Scouts from the Sugar Creek Service Unit, covering the Troy-Canton area, and the Wypotomoss Service Unit, which encompasses Towanda, Ulster, and Wyalusing, showed up at the depot. They had taken orders for the cookies in January.

For the last 30 years, the Cookie Depot had been held at the Penelec building in North Towanda, but it was no longer available, according to Janet Ordway of Troy, who is the product manager for the Sugar Creek Service Unit and depo manager for both service units.

Then, Hoover's Hardware of Troy came through with the perfect location for the Cookie Depot - one of their warehouses in Troy.

"We had to find another place this year, and Hoover's graciously donated the use of their building for us," Janet said.

She was grateful to Hoover's.

"It worked out great," she said. "We appreciate them letting us use it."

Janet said that two troops in Troy, 955 and 545, sorted out the orders. Those picking up cookies included Daisies through Seniors in the two Girl Scout Service Units, as well as Girl Scout Leaders.

This year, there were 1,818 cases of Girl Scout cookies, which broke down to 21,816 boxes.

That's a lot of cookies.

But the number of cookie orders was down this year, according to Janet.

She said the economy was to blame, as well as the snowstorm in January.

"They kids couldn't get out and sell," she explained.

I asked Janet what the most popular cookie was this year.

She said Thin Mints still held the top spot.

So, the next time you bite into a Girl Scout cookie, keep in mind that it started out in Troy.

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