TROY - Doggone it, here's an interesting way to spend Valentine's Day.

Bradford County Treasurer Becky Clark will be issuing dog licenses again this year at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy Borough. She will be there from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14.

"Get your dog a Valentine's license," Clark said with a laugh about her visit coinciding with the holiday.

Seriously, however, the program has met with positive feedback. She's been coming to Troy for the licensing the past four years. She's also come to the Valley.

"I do have several people thank me for coming out," Becky said. "A lot of people like to purchase their licenses face to face, and they're appreciative when you come to their area."

She noted that the convenience of the program is popular.

"The comment I hear a lot is, 'thanks for coming out to us, so we don't have to come out to Towanda,'" she said.

"I enjoy it," she commented. "It gives me an opportunity to get out and meet the residents."

Licenses are also available via the Internet at, over the counter in the treasurers' office in the courthouse, or through the mail to: Becky Clark, Bradford County Treasurer, 301 Main Street, Towanda, PA 18848.

Some people prefer to get their dog licenses over the Internet.

Carole Bayer, president of the library board in Troy, prefers to get her dog license online, but she commends Becky for visiting Troy.

"I think that's great," she said. "It saves some people some time."

Chelsea Wagner of Troy gets her dog license by mail, but she also thinks Becky's visit to Troy is good.

"A lot of people can't get to Towanda, and there are people who don't want to write a check," she said. As for getting a license online, Chelsea said that some dog owners don't have a computer.

"It's a nice idea that she comes to towns outside of Towanda," she commented.

Chelsea's dog, Newton, is a chocolate lab/Shar Pei mix.

Last year, 100 people were able to get their dog license during Becky's visit to Troy.

If you're curious as to why the treasurer would be involved with dog licenses, it's just part of her job.

According to the treasurer's website, "the treasurer is also an agent for the Commonwealth, issuing fishing licenses for the Fish and Boat Commission, hunting and doe licenses for the game Commission and dog licenses for the Department of Agriculture. The Treasurer also sells sportsman firearms permits for the PA State Police as well as issuing games of chance and bingo licenses to non-profit groups."

Fees remain the same as last year: male/female $8.45, neutered male/spayed female $6.45. For senior citizens, the fee is $6.45 for male/female and $4.45 for neutered male/spayed female $4.45.

Becky offered this important reminder.

"It is very important to license your dog in order to avoid a fine from Pennsylvania Dog Law. Fines can range up to $500. Please license your dog for its own protection."

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