TROY - The Jackals headed south recently.

On Jan. 9, members of the Elmira Jackals hockey team visited Troy Junior-Senior High School physical education classes in Troy.

Betsy Seeley, physical education teacher at the high school, told me all about the visit.

According to Betsy, the students were divided into areas where the Jackals covered topics such as nutrition, post-education after high school, conditioning, proper exercise habits, long- and short-range goals, and hockey skills.

She and physical education teacher Corey Johnson said the classes "thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Jackals."

"The team made a very positive impact on the students," Betsy commented. "There was even plenty of time for pictures and autographs. At the end of the day, the Troy Hockey League, under the direction of Doug Beck, participated in drills and scrimmages with the Jackals. This was something the students will remember for a long time." She thanked the Jackals and commended the students for their participation.

Explaining how the visit came about, Betsy said that she made contact with the Jackals after the First Arena had "Troy Night" on Saturday, Dec. 8.

"Originally, Ray Schmitt, the PR director, was going to send down two Jackals to talk about their program with the Troy students," she recalled. "Then, he called back and said nine, plus the athletic trainer and him, were able to come down to meet with the students. That is when we came up with the topics and the station idea, so all students could meet all of the Jackals and be in smaller groups."

She then called Doug Beck to get his Troy hockey players in to meet and scrimmage with the Jackals.

"They were great with all the students answering questions and signing autographs," Betsy said. "The Troy Junior-Senior Physical Education Department has tried to bring in special guests during each quarter, such as Michelle Wilson and Duke Updike from ProCare, who teach the students about proper warm-ups and strength training, plus Rick Gleason, who covers fitness, character education and martial arts with the students."

Sounds like the classes had a really good time.

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