MT. PISGAH - The Friends of Mt. Pisgah State Park got together Monday night, and reviewed some past events and looked forward to some future ones.

Nicole Harris, the park naturalist, told the group that the hunter-trapper education program, held July 10-11, went well.

She said 33 young people attended the first annual event.

Harris said they had "the best time."

"We were happy to send a new crop of hunters into the woods who will do a good job," she commented.

In addition, she noted that they "had a blast roasting their own hot dogs."

"It was an awesome two days."

The square dance, held June 22 with the McNett Country Band, was another big event.

Harris said 155 people - a "bumper crop" - attended.

"It was a great night."

It was pointed that they even ran out of food, though not pies. Some came to dance, but others just sat in their chairs and watched the square dance.

Park manager Ken Gwin noted that another park asked for feedback in the hopes of having their own such event.

"If you have a good band, I would recommend you doing it because you are going to draw a different crowd (to the park)," he said.

FOMP president Carl Young noted that one woman said she was following the band, and had never been to the park before.

He said it was "a roaring success."

The Movie Nights at Mt. Pisgah have been well-received this year, reported FOMP secretary Michelle Harkness.

Another big event was the Dutch Oven cooking class in which 17 different dishes were prepared, noted Harris.

Future events include the Women in the Wilds this Saturday and the Youth Field Day Aug. 17.

Harris said 274 women are signed up for the Women in the Wilds.

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