TROY - I was enjoying the sun as it soaked into my skin while visiting the Troy Community Hospital Auxiliary's annual hanging basket sale Friday on Davison Green in Troy.

I could see that the auxiliary members also appreciated the weather.

Though it was a little chilly in the shade, the warm sun hinted of the summer yet to come.

Sandy Groover, an auxiliary member who has been with the flower sale since its inception about 10 years ago, said there were times in the past when auxiliary members had to don their rain gear for the sale. Back then, they brought along rain boots and extra clothes to change into if they got too soaked.

"The rain doesn't stop us," she said, noting flowers are ordered in advance.

On Friday, however, the weather was good, and people showed up to pick up a hanging basket or flat of flowers. They had 300 flowers, and had sold nearly their whole supply as of around noon. The selection included Million Bells, ivy geraniums, double impatiens, and begonias.

They use the proceeds from the sale for their various good causes, such as scholarships, donations to the hospital, and gifts for long-term care patients at Christmas.

Jane Kittle, auxiliary vice president, thought the weather was great.

"Today is a nice day."

Staci Covey, a customer and the president of the hospital, thought the flowers were "very pretty."

Sue Wolfe, librarian at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library, said she bought 10 baskets and also some bedding plants. The sale was held beside the library on the Green.

"They're all beautiful. I got some beautiful ivy geraniums and double impatiens and a begonia."

In April, Wolfe pre-ordered her flowers. She also picked up a few extra at the sale.

"They have a fantastic variety available. They will all find good homes because I have a lot of relatives."

She saw the flowers on the ground before the sale started.

"It was a massive display and they had them all sorted out. They do an excellent job getting everything sorted. And the quality is really good. You get a good quality for your money, and it's for a good cause."

"It's one of the things I look forward to every year, the flowers on the Green."

Groover said she wanted to thank the public for its support of the sale. She noted that people in town come to the sale from the banks and lawyer offices. And individuals also just show up on their own.

Ellen Herrington, the auxiliary president, said the sale was a success.

And she liked the selection.

"I think the flowers were beautiful this year. I think people look forward to the sale."

So, if you're a mom, you never know - you just might be getting a flower from Troy this Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day.