TROY - If you want to take a look at the latest in computer technology, just stop in at the Allen F. Pierce Free Library in Troy.

The library recently acquired two new Hewlett Packard computers, and they're state-of-the-art. County coordination funds were used to purchase the machines.

Recently, I looked over the computers, and I have to say that they're pretty impressive.

Each of the computers has a 23-inch screen, a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse.

The clunky computer towers are a thing of the past.

"I like the nice big screen and the fact that they don't take up nearly as much room," said librarian Sue Wolfe. "They replaced some really old ones we had, so they're a lot faster."

Logan TenEyck, 13, of Troy, was using one of the computers Wednesday, and he said that he likes all the different features and the big screen.

The wireless mouse and keyboard also impressed him.

"I like how you can move it around," he said, picking up the keyboard.

When you click on a corner of the computer screen, the start menu of icons comes up in the center of the screen. In addition to icons for the internet, there's numerous others, like ones for Netflix, X-box, eBay, and Kindle.

"They kind of look like one of your new kind of phones," Sue said.

Sue also noted that unlike an older model computer, you can plug the earphones into the side, rather than in the back of a computer tower.

She said that "it's easy access to everything."

So, stop in at the library and try out one of the new computers.

Now, that's one way to beat the winter blues.

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