TROY - The Troy Town Band is hitting the right note with the public.

Recently, there was a good turnout when the band presented a concert in which the "Colors of the Wind Fivesome" played at Memorial Auditorium in Troy.

Robert Oldroyd, who has been directing the town band for six years, was joined on stage by musicians Savannah Clayton, Jeffrey Porzio, Christopher Peña, and Ross Triner from Ithaca College. Another musician from Ithaca College, pianist Shiori Yamaguchi, also performed.

The concert was part of a new initiative by the town band.

"The whole point of the new concert series is to provide the community with another performance experience when the town band is not in session in the spring and fall," Robert said. "The type of music will be very different too, rather than a full concert band; these concerts will feature smaller groups like wind and brass quintets and soloists."

"In the spring, we are going to try and bring down some performance faculty from Ithaca College to perform a concert," he added.

At Ithaca College, Robert is in the performance and music education program for the fourth year. He is the principal horn of the college's Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Chamber Orchestra. He hopes to become a public school teacher.

Earlier in the day at 4 p.m., Robert and his colleagues put on a workshop for students.

He said it was a "great success."

"We had 13 students play for Savannah, Chris and myself," Robert said. "My colleagues and I really enjoyed the workshop and I think the students did too. The workshop's purpose was for students from across the county to come and play their Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) solos for us. We would give them the opportunity to play in front of three critical listeners (for nerves) and then give them feedback about their playing. We had four from the Troy High School and nine from Wyalusing High School."

At the concert, $278 was raised in donations.

"The $278 will help pay for the concert series as well as go into the instrument fund," Robert noted.

He said the town band is in the process of purchasing new beaters and mallets for the music department.

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