TROY - It's one thing to have a "Best of Show" quilt show.

Now, get ready for the "Worst of Show" quilt show.

Or simply the "Ugly Quilt Show," as show organizer Joie Brasington of Troy calls it.

Currently, she is planning the event for the Heritage Festival this fall at Alparon Park in Troy.

"This is not an easy thing to plan as quilters can be quite haughty and actually believe they have never made an unsuccessful or ugly quilt," she said. "The quilts will be exhibited around the textile tent and perhaps on the carriages in the carriage house or maybe the porch of the Inn."

According to Joie, "even the most talented quilters have flops."

She listed some of the ways in which a quilt can turn out badly:

- "Sometimes the colors don't work together."

- "Or you have a time issue and you were in a hurry and the points don't match."

- "Or maybe it is a first quilting project you made as a beginner."

- Or maybe you have found a stashed away quilt in an attic made by a deceased aunt or grandmother who just didn't have the best needlework skills, she said.

But just because a quilt is ugly doesn't mean it doesn't have value.

"Just remember all quilts are important no matter how ugly, and sometimes those are the quilts that can be the most endearing in our lives," Joie said. "Perhaps a favorite quilt of a child or a wonderful memory of a time when (you) didn't worry about quite so much perfection."

"All so often blue ribbons are awarded for perfection and beauty and Best of Show," she said. "Try to win a blue ribbon for the Worst of Show quilt. And just remember. This is all in fun!"

More details will be announced about the "Ugly Quilt Show" closer to the event.

Stay tuned. And dig out those ugly quilts.

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