WYSOX TOWNSHIP - At their meeting this week, the Wysox Township supervisors voted to advertise for bids from contractors that would be interested in undertaking a sewer line extension project on Hillside Drive, which is estimated to cost between $125,000 and $145,000.

In a related matter, Chesapeake Energy Corp. says it is not going forward with a planned reconstruction of a section of Hillside Drive, which was expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The township will be paying for the sewer line extension using some of the revenue it has received from the impact fee on gas drilling, the supervisors said.

The township is paying for the extension because the Wysox Township Municipal Authority "didn't have any money to do it," Wysox Township Supervisor Kenneth Whipp said.

The area where the extension will take place "has been on the DEP's radar for getting sewer (needing to get municipal sewer service)," said Eric Casanave, an engineer with Stiffler, McGraw & Associates, which designed the extension.

"I know there are malfunctioning sewers" at residences along Hillside Drive, said Supervisor Gary Foster.

The extension, which is 1,500 feet long, will begin at the intersection with Hillcrest Heights Lane and continue to a point 1,000 feet west of Lake Road, Casanave said.

The extension will serve approximately seven homes, Casanave said.

Casanave said he wanted the construction of the extension to be put out to bid at this time, so that work would get under way this fall and be completed before winter.

Casanave said that Stiffler & McGraw had been trying to coordinate the construction of the sewer line extension with Chesapeake because the township had wanted the extension to be done before the road reconstruction went forward.

However, Casanave said that Chesapeake Energy Corp. has delayed any plans to widen and reconstruct the road, which was going to take place on the .9-mile section of Hillside Drive between Lake Road and Laning Creek Road.

The reconstruction was going to be done to accommodate trucks that needed to access a gas well site that Chesapeake was going to develop.

When asked why the reconstruction of the road is not going forward, Chesapeake spokesman Rory Sweeney replied, "We no longer have any plans to utilize Hillside Drive for any activity in that area."

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