If you are among the 1.2 million Pennsylvanians who voted Seamus McCaffery onto the state Supreme Court back in 2007, do you remember why you did so? Although it's possible that you were impressed by Justice McCaffery's legal acumen, that would make yo (read more)
A new state program to help regional companies adapt to reduced defense spending hits the target for preparedness. Officials from the Department of Community and Economic Development traveled to Gentex Corp. in Fell Twp. on Wednesday to unveil the North (read more)
Suspended state Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery has reached that sad place where his own resignation is the only legitimate act of public service that he can perform. His colleagues voted this week to suspend him pending further investigation, (read more)

Letters to the Editor
Corbett is the one EDITOR: This is a very important election coming up on Nov. 4. Every election affects your wallet, this year is no different. But you as a voter certainly have a say in it, by voting. Tom Corbett has been our Governor, and let's keep (read more)
An obvious choice EDITOR: So as I watch the latest television ads that pertain to the Governor's race which will be decided Nov. 4, it seems very obvious to me that, choices are so clear, let me explain. Both candidates have made claims as to Education (read more)
Dirty secret EDITOR: If Democrats were required to take an Econ 101 course, they would vote Republican. There is no better example than the Tom Wolf campaign. Wolf has made taxing gas companies his keystone, and that has strong appeal for Democrats, hit (read more)
ISIS and America EDITOR: In the last few months, we have seen two American journalists, one British Journalist, and a man from France beheaded, and their blood spilled on foreign soil. I was wondering a couple of weeks ago, how long will it be before a (read more)
Good job EDITOR: The Wysox Township road crew has done an excellent job of clearing the weeds and tree line growth along Glen Road. On a winding and woodsy road, this gives us increased visibility and safety. Not only to see other vehicles but also deer (read more)
The voice of reason EDITOR: On Wednesday, Sept. 24, over a period of many hours, I listened to a number of speakers present their thoughts on the best location for a gaming resort in the Southern Tier region. A number of speakers had a s (read more)