Collecting things can be a fun hobby. Some folks collect sports cards. Others gather and display antique tools or a favorite type of art. State lawmakers collect other people's money. A long-awaited audit has revealed that in a rare act of bipartisanshi (read more)
There is no legitimate reason for the state government to be in the booze business, so there cannot be a legitimate reason for the state government to remain in the booze business. It is a private-sector commercial enterprise. Yet supposedly free-market (read more)
Keystone Sanitary Landfill has sought to reassure the public about its massive expansion plans by stating that it's a state-of-the art, effectively engineered facility that safely handles waste. It has conducted tours, publicly explained the disposal a (read more)

Letters to the Editor
Courage and patriotism in America EDITOR: Is there any courage in America today? I try to watch the news every day, so I am well informed as to what is going on in the world. Some of the decisions I see America make concerning world affairs seem to de (read more)
Up to code EDITOR: Recently many Sayre Borough residents have been dealing with a parking situation that has even led to code citations for some individuals because the Sayre Code Enforcement Agency (Gene Cerutti, Bob Dydynski, and Dave Jarrett), have i (read more)
Clearing the way EDITOR: Many communities in Sullivan County have installed new curb cuts on sidewalks in recent years to allow accessible, safe pedestrian crossing for people with disabilities. In order to maintain their usability, municipalities, busi (read more)
Support for Dan Barrett EDITOR: District Attorney Dan Barrett's announcement of his intention to run for re-election is great news for Bradford County. Dan deserves the support of the County's voters from each side of the political aisle. H (read more)
Support and vote for Dawn Close for Prothonotary EDITOR: I have been honored to serve as a Bradford County Auditor for 11 years and have greatly appreciated the confidence and encouragement from the voters in the County. Thank you for giving me the oppor (read more)
Bad idea EDITOR: The failure to parse highway, weather, topography and bridge restrictions by the contractor/owners of the Panda Generating plant should not be a reason to possibly damage a vital state highway bridge that transports about 5,000 vehicles (read more)
A topic for discussion EDITOR: Today I received an AARP Bulletin in the mail. In scanning through it, I found an article by T.R. Reid on the subject of Alzheimer's. In it he discusses the rising costs and the spiraling incidence of the ' (read more)