NASA announced last week that its Keppler mission had confirmed the existence of a rocky planet, about 10 percent larger than Earth, in a "Goldilocks-zone" orbit around a star just 500 light years (about 300 trillion miles) away. The "Goldilocks zone" (read more)
Many states, including Pennsylvania, bar payday lending because they recognize that it is predatory. The state law alone demonstrates that. It outlaws payday lending by capping interest rates on short-term loans at a whopping 24 percent. Because of the (read more)
Opponents of a minimum wage increase seized upon part of a recent Congressional Budget Office Report and lifted it from its context. The analysis by the nonpartisan office found that, as critics charge, increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 a (read more)
The question I ask myself every year during budget negotiations is this: "How much is this going to cost the hardworking taxpayers I'm accountable to?" For the 2014 State Budget, the answer is: "Less." My colleagues and I were able to keep state spending (read more)

Letters to the Editor
There is no question EDITOR: As to the letter to the editor on April 14, 2014, written by Craig Pierce: Every word that Mr. Pierce stated is the absolute truth and I applaud him for it. But your, The Daily Review's, heading for that letter, "Does the Sec (read more)
Lyme meeting went well EDITOR: I went to an event recently for the new Bradford County A Hope 4 Lyme chapter. Mr. Jim Crawford is the representative for Bradford Co. He did a wonderful job MCing the event. There was a very good turnout, and I think we al (read more)
Does the Second Amendment really work? I am sure; most people have watched the news about the rancher in the state of Nevada, and his right to graze his cattle on federal land. He believes; he has preemptive rights to the land, and among those rights is (read more)
In response to a recent story published in The Review that took a look at the future of First Fridays in Towanda: EDITOR: I simply and honestly answered a question raised by a Chamber of Commerce member who asked specifically if any businesses had n (read more)
In poor taste, yes, but... EDITOR: I am responding to the "No joke" Letter to the Editor in your paper on April 3, 2014. I have to say that the person who wrote the article would have had a bone to pick if they had gotten their facts straight. Personall (read more)
No joke EDITOR: In the Webster's dictionary, the word "prank" is defined as a practical joke and practical joke is defined as a humorous trick played on a person. Personally speaking, I found nothing remotely humorous about the so called "prank" that i (read more)
The Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association is offering a free service to honor our heroes EDITOR: Dear Citizens of Bradford County: This is the time for our past and present military heroes to stand and be counted. Honor dictates that if t (read more)
Turning over a new leaf EDITOR: After several months of crippling snowstorms and flooding, I really look forward to spring weather, green grass, and flowers in bloom. The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietar (read more)