With the current round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks foundering, President Obama is considering the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in exchange for Israel remaining at the table. Mr. Pollard, who was arrested in 1985 while seeking asylum f (read more)
If you are suspected of any sort of crime, you have the right to remain silent. And if you're arrested, police have to tell you so, and that whatever you say can be used against you. The Miranda warning flows from the 5th Amendment right against self-i (read more)

Letters to the Editor
In response to a recent story published in The Review that took a look at the future of First Fridays in Towanda: EDITOR: I simply and honestly answered a question raised by a Chamber of Commerce member who asked specifically if any businesses had n (read more)
In poor taste, yes, but... EDITOR: I am responding to the "No joke" Letter to the Editor in your paper on April 3, 2014. I have to say that the person who wrote the article would have had a bone to pick if they had gotten their facts straight. Personall (read more)
No joke EDITOR: In the Webster's dictionary, the word "prank" is defined as a practical joke and practical joke is defined as a humorous trick played on a person. Personally speaking, I found nothing remotely humorous about the so called "prank" that i (read more)
The Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association is offering a free service to honor our heroes EDITOR: Dear Citizens of Bradford County: This is the time for our past and present military heroes to stand and be counted. Honor dictates that if t (read more)
Turning over a new leaf EDITOR: After several months of crippling snowstorms and flooding, I really look forward to spring weather, green grass, and flowers in bloom. The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietar (read more)
Experiences in the democratic process EDITOR: There have been a few bright spots in the recent change of our rural area progress caused by the natural gas industry. The most recent change that has come to mind has been my increased participat (read more)
Heroes EDITOR: It's Red Cross Month and we would like to recognize our Everyday Heroes who reach out to help their neighbors when they are in need. These everyday heroes are our volunteers who help disaster victims get on the road to recovery. They giv (read more)
Dumbfounded EDITOR: I am still dumbfounded on the decision that the Wyalusing School Board made to add another administrative position to the district. I still don't understand why a superintendent, two guidance counselors, and four principals cannot "c (read more)
Rally for justice EDITOR: Would have this rally transpired if it was not an election year, and Chesapeake Energy's presence was non-existent? The underpayment of royalties is a state-wide issue, not a localized issue that does not only involve post-produ (read more)