Astronomers believe the universe is 13.82 billion years old, so the 25 years that the Hubble Space Telescope has been in orbit don't qualify as the blink of a cosmic eye. But in the quarter century since the telescope was lifted into orbit on April 24, (read more)
Just as Pennsylvania badly trails its neighboring states in mandating a decent minimum wage, it badly trails its neighbors regarding paycheck equity for women. Despite federal laws mandating equal pay for equal work, women nationally are paid 78.8 cen (read more)
A man was walking along the beach when he came along another man, sitting near the water, surrounded by thousands of starfish which had washed up on the shore. The sitting man was busily engaged in picking up the starfish, one by one, and throwing them b (read more)
The pinwheels on the Bradford County Court House lawn look pretty. A light breeze blows and they spin, creating a flashy sight. Those pinwheels, however, represent a horrible statistic. The 233 pinwheels represent 233 investigations of child abuse condu (read more)

Letters to the Editor
Priorities EDITOR: I am very concerned about your newspaper's priorities in what was selected for publication concerning the topics discussed at a recent Troy School Board meeting the 17th of March. I attended that meeting and taking the opportunity to (read more)
Open letter to my friends and fellow citizens of Bradford County EDITOR: As a citizen of Bradford County I am writing this letter on an extremely important matter that impacts my life and future and also your own. In a nutshell it concerns the selection (read more)
Williams for judge EDITOR: We would like to recognize the candidate for Judge of Bradford County, Evan Williams as our choice and recommend him to the voters of the county as the most promising candidate for the people. Evan is an outstanding example of (read more)
Evan Williams for Bradford County judge EDITOR: It is our privilege to offer this letter in support of Evan Williams for Bradford County Judge. We truly believe that Evan's honesty, integrity, understanding, and sense of civ (read more)
'Spirit in the sky' EDITOR: As the Easter celebration rapidly approaches, we as a society should practice more tolerance and understanding of one's religious preference. Easter, Passover, or whatever you celebrate is your personal choice not to be pushe (read more)
More on STEM EDITOR: Your editorial on STEM education is an important one. However, I would argue that STEM and the Arts (including performing arts) are not mutually exclusive; as your editorial would imply. Rather, a successful educational program, whet (read more)
Dear Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives EDITOR: I want a refund on the $2.3 billion midnight gas tax increase passed last year. PennDOT and the other beneficiaries of that money have failed to keep the roads smooth and pothole-free. As usual (read more)