For the past several columns, I've written about the power of nuclear weapons, and the dire consequences we would face should that power ever be unleashed. This week, I'm going to shift gears and talk about the one beneficial thing that has come about be (read more)
It was recently announced that Oxford Dictionaries, an online branch of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) which focuses on being a "guide to the language of today," added several new words to its annals. Among the new words are fur baby, hangry, butt (read more)
A Delaware County judge has struck down the key provision of the Wolf administration-backed bailout plan for the failing Chester Upland School District - a decision that reverberates in all of Pennsylvania's 500 public school districts. A financial exper (read more)
Students might get more than they expect when their parents use smart-phone "apps" to improve communication with school districts and teachers, or when teachers use educational apps to enhance classroom instruction. When the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette look (read more)

Letters to the Editor
Some thoughts EDITOR: Tom Clancy would have enjoyed reading C.J. Marshall's novella, "It would be hell, either way." The reality we're facing is not just having a nuke sneak attack, but that we have a commander-in-chief leading the world in a hardy ren (read more)
Contests the article EDITOR: On Friday, Aug. 7, the Daily Review Opinion page contained an opinion authored by David Hemenway of TNS News Service, claiming to provide "scientific evidence" to prove that households without guns are safer for (read more)
Star gazer EDITOR: I have always been taken by the marvels of astronomy. Have always kept up to advances in technology and new discoveries as scientists progressed further into space. For many years the space program stagnated until after the Second Wor (read more)
Photo: N/A, License: N/A Like many of my colleagues in the Pennsylvania Senate, I was deeply disappointed that Governor Wolf chose to veto a $30.18 billion, no-tax, balanced state budget plan that would have made new investments in education, improved the funding mechanism for o (read more)
Social Security has provided critical financial help to people of all ages for the last 80 years, and despite our age, we're far from retiring! As the Social Security program celebrates its historic birthday this August, we're reflecting on our diverse h (read more)
Sayre standoff incident EDITOR: A big Thank You goes out to Eleanor Hill and Linda Murrelle from the Chamber of Commerce of Sayre, for the wonderful job they did taking care of the vendors from the Farm Market on Friday. The food and water was so apprec (read more)
Wonderful music EDITOR: This is just a comment on what a wonderful past week of music we've had this July in our corner of Pennsylvania. Meghan Trainor's electrifying performance at the opening of the Troy Fair, the breathtaking piano recital of classic (read more)
The black snake EDITOR: Last night, my wife and I went down the Glen Road in Wysox Township and thought we may have seen a four or five foot black snake in the road. This brought back to mind a vivid recall. Back in the 1970s, the Heyer brothers, Tom, J (read more)