"On August 6, there wasn't a cloud in the sky above Hiroshima, and a mild, hardly perceptible wind blew from the south... "At nine minutes past seven in the morning an air-raid warning sounded and four American B-29 planes appeared. To the north of the t (read more)
Airline passengers who arrive at the check-in counter believing they have secured good deals on their fares often are brought back to earth by baggage fees that can range as high as $100 for bags checked at the gate. Baggage fees generated about $38 bil (read more)
A state hearing in Scranton this week demonstrated not only the growing impact of the opioid drug addiction epidemic, but a growing understanding that it is a public health emergency rather than a law enforcement matter alone. At least 149 people in the (read more)
The Founding Fathers who gathered in Philadelphia 237 years ago to devise a system of governance for the new republic regularly warned of the negative influence of "factions" - organized political parties - on representative democracy. They likely would (read more)

Letters to the Editor
Belly Busting Burger Battle local winners EDITOR: The challenge to select the Southern Tier's best burger was settled last Sunday at Tioga Downs. The good news is the best burgers can be found in our community. First place in the People's Choice Award c (read more)
Helping the Monarch EDITOR: In a recent Daily Review article, the steady slide of the Monarch butterfly toward the Endangered Species list was highlighted. This alarming development has many causes including the widespread use of Roundup whic (read more)
Voters should be identified EDITOR: Today I received a computer trivia item that stated that India voters all have 'Photo I.D.'s. If this is possible in India, why is it not the law in Pennsylvania and all the rest of the 57 States (per an Obama speech u (read more)
Food for thought EDITOR: I would like to comment on two of your articles. The first one was in your July 1, edition and was about the governor vetoing a proposed budget. What little information that was given about the budget said their would be no new t (read more)
Sad statistics EDITOR: As a former resident currently staying in the area, I am writing in response to Wednesday's article on the need for a homeless shelter in Bradford County (Commissioners speak about county's homeless, 7/1/2015). While Commissioners (read more)
Thanks folks EDITOR: There was a wonderful turn out to help support and celebrate the 20th anniversary for the Big Brother/Big Sister Motorcycle Rally. We want to thank all the riders, the businesses and the individuals that supported the rally. A plaqu (read more)