It was recently confirmed that Chesapeake Energy's entire local Corporate Communications Media Relations team has been dismissed. This group was responsible for maintaining good working relationships between Chesapeake and the communities that it operates in, as well as helping to educate the landowners that make natural gas exploration possible.

We've grown accustomed to seeing members of the team in the community. They were guest speakers, presenters and committee members. They spent a great deal of time educating local residents about natural gas - what it is, how it's created and why we need it. They were part of volunteer groups that did a great deal to help people after the flood of 2011. They volunteered with the United Way's Day of Caring campaign, performing maintenance around the Sayre Historical Society, sanding and painting bookcases and chairs in the Sayre Public Library and freshening up the facade of Towanda's Keystone Theatre - to name just a few.

Memorial Hospital has stated that significant contributions from Chesapeake Energy over the past several years were a direct result of key relationships with the Media Relations Team. For example, donations to the hospital include $500 to Pediatric Therapy in Dec. 2009; $50,000 to the Radiology Dept. in Jan. 2010; A donation of 93 computer monitors and 80 computer battery backup units in May 2010; A donation of a Chevy Trailblazer for EMS non-emergency transport services in May 2012; and $80,000 to purchase a 2013 Chevy Express EMS ambulance unit to provide emergency basic and advanced life support in Jan. 2013.

We join Memorial Hospital in saying "We have appreciated the participation of these professional, community-minded individuals within our communities and wish them only the best now and into the future."

The media relations team here was a part of the gas industry that demonstrated time and again how they worked to better their hometowns. They invested their free time volunteering, helping their neighbors and improving their communities. We applaud these workers for their commendable actions.

The presence of the Media Relations team that has been the face of Chesapeake in our community, will be missed.