Letters to the editor
Enjoyed the read EDITOR: Really enjoyed the op-ed page yesterday. An editorial writer professed to be writing about nothing in particular ('Sometimes, inspiration is the hardest'), and a letter writer professed to be writing importantly ('Am I an agent o (read more)
A voice in the wilderness EDITOR: To those who were so adamant in playing a part with money, time and your votes in these past elections, I thank you. I certainly hope you've received your bonus for what your man O-bama has wrought upon the land, I'm su (read more)
Am I an agent of the devil? EDITOR: If I was sent here by the devil to destroy a great nation, how would I go about performing such a monumental task? I think I would start my political career at the state level, where I can hone my political, social, (read more)
Adding to the mix of opinions EDITOR: Oh Woe is Me. Here we go again. America is burning? In a state of decay? I look around me and see no sign of either. That's one person's opinion. The recent letters in this newspaper have inspired me to this point. (read more)
In my experience ... EDITOR: In reply to John Ferri's letter as it appeared in your July 8, issue of The Daily Review, I respectfully submit this record of my own experience with the I.R.S. and what John refers to as a "non-scandal." In January of this y (read more)
Proud of the Sayre VA EDITOR: While the media is mindlessly and endlessly VA bashing these days and while it is true that there are many badly run VA operations, I would like to point out an exception. I want everyone to be aware that in Sayre we have a (read more)
Finally, the truth about milk and milk products EDITOR: For nearly 50 years, many dairy farmers have been waiting for some reputable sources to document and tell the truth about the real value of milk and list the reasons why the average American consum (read more)
The world outside FOX 'News' EDITOR: As amazing as it sounds, I found the friend that Craig Pierce talked to in his letter to the editor of June 27, 2014. I asked Craig's friend if he really thought that America was burning and he said that he did becaus (read more)