Letters to the editor
Dear Pennsylvania Senators and Representatives EDITOR: I want a refund on the $2.3 billion midnight gas tax increase passed last year. PennDOT and the other beneficiaries of that money have failed to keep the roads smooth and pothole-free. As usual (read more)
Not be allowed to speak EDITOR: As a veteran, and part of law enforcement for 43 years, I have a problem with Mr. Bill Ayers addressing students anywhere. Bill Ayers is quoted as saying, "Guilty as sin, free as a bird, and ain't America a great country (read more)
Important revenue EDITOR: As many local governments are raising taxes, Monroe Township has been reducing them. How, you might ask? The Local Impact Taxes paid by natural gas producers in our state. You hear a lot about how Pennsylvania oil and natural g (read more)
Think about it ... EDITOR: The slogan "Made in America" will slowly appear in our history books. Why do you ask? It was very disheartening and a great insult to the American people to read that the last two transformers for the power plant in Asylum Town (read more)
Cultural genocide EDITOR: Perhaps you saw on the evening news the destruction of artifacts at the Mosul Museum in Iraq. I may be closer and more passionate about this than most readers due to being an artist and a former high school art teacher, but I w (read more)