Letters to the editor
Statement from Alan Shaw EDITOR: Although my campaign to be the next Judge of Bradford County has come to an end, I am honored and very thankful for all the kindness and support my wife and I have received along the way. I wish to congratulate Evan Will (read more)
A worthy cause EDITOR: It's that time of year for us to remember the "Greatest Generation" of World War II for their sacrifice, so the rest of us are able to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities that we have. It's also time to think about making donatio (read more)
A blatant misrepresenation EDITOR: I am writing to set the record straight regarding the stellar service Alan Shaw provided while serving on what became the North Penn Legal Services Board. I read the letter today attacking Mr. Shaw's perfor (read more)
Supreme Judge candidates EDITOR: Pennsylvania has some judge candidates running for Supreme Court. As I believe in supporting good candidates, I do not believe in candidates running for office that are not able to fulfill the term because of age. (Maybe (read more)
Cruel and inhumane EDITOR: Calling an exterminator to dwindle a feline colony does not cure the problem at large. You have proved this by trying it two years ago, and here you are again - same problem. Spaying and neutering domestic ca (read more)
Important primary EDITOR: In a few days the more important primary election will be taking place and we'll get to choose the candidates that will be running in the general election in November. You can't complain about who gets elected in November if yo (read more)
Dan Barrett, much more than a 'good man' EDITOR: Dan Barrett is my brother-in-law. I have had the very good fortune of being married to Dan's brother Kevin for over 30 years. Because I am related to him, you might quickly dismiss my endorsement as biase (read more)
Barrett for DA EDITOR: After devoting most of my professional life as a prosecutor, it is my privilege to enthusiastically endorse the re-election of District Attorney Daniel Barrett. I know of no other District Attorney who has worked harder, or brough (read more)
Evans for judge EDITOR: I have had the pleasure of knowing Evan Williams for over 10 years. Within this time-frame I have grown and developed from a child to a young adult. Nonetheless, I thoroughly recall Evan consistently exhibiting the same steady, s (read more)
Support for Shaw EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Alan Shaw for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford County. I have known Alan for years both as a student and friend. Alan is a hard dedicated worker. He is honest and truthful and (read more)
Williams for judge EDITOR: I have practiced law in Bradford County for nearly nine years and am now a partner of Brann, Williams, Caldwell & Sheetz. Not having known Evan Williams before joining the firm, I have spent the last three years learning from (read more)
Support for Dan Barrett EDITOR: I am writing to support Dan Barrett for district attorney. I have known Mr. Barrett for 20 years. During that time, I have only known him to be a prepared, assertive, knowledgeable, likable person and attorney. As a perso (read more)
Not a popularity contest EDITOR: As a regular reader of The Review, I see there has been a lot of advertising by Evan Williams (candidate for Bradford County judge) and an equal amount of testimonials from people around the Troy area who know him or his (read more)
Shaw for judge EDITOR: I write to offer my unqualified endorsement of Attorney Alan Shaw, candidate for the open seat on the Judicial Bench of Bradford County. I practiced law for over 60 years, although I am now retired. I have practiced law with Alan (read more)