Letters to the editor
There is no question EDITOR: As to the letter to the editor on April 14, 2014, written by Craig Pierce: Every word that Mr. Pierce stated is the absolute truth and I applaud him for it. But your, The Daily Review's, heading for that letter, "Does the Sec (read more)
Lyme meeting went well EDITOR: I went to an event recently for the new Bradford County A Hope 4 Lyme chapter. Mr. Jim Crawford is the representative for Bradford Co. He did a wonderful job MCing the event. There was a very good turnout, and I think we al (read more)
Does the Second Amendment really work? I am sure; most people have watched the news about the rancher in the state of Nevada, and his right to graze his cattle on federal land. He believes; he has preemptive rights to the land, and among those rights is (read more)
In response to a recent story published in The Review that took a look at the future of First Fridays in Towanda: EDITOR: I simply and honestly answered a question raised by a Chamber of Commerce member who asked specifically if any businesses had n (read more)
In poor taste, yes, but... EDITOR: I am responding to the "No joke" Letter to the Editor in your paper on April 3, 2014. I have to say that the person who wrote the article would have had a bone to pick if they had gotten their facts straight. Personall (read more)
No joke EDITOR: In the Webster's dictionary, the word "prank" is defined as a practical joke and practical joke is defined as a humorous trick played on a person. Personally speaking, I found nothing remotely humorous about the so called "prank" that i (read more)
The Bradford County Veterans Memorial Park Association is offering a free service to honor our heroes EDITOR: Dear Citizens of Bradford County: This is the time for our past and present military heroes to stand and be counted. Honor dictates that if t (read more)
Turning over a new leaf EDITOR: After several months of crippling snowstorms and flooding, I really look forward to spring weather, green grass, and flowers in bloom. The advent of spring is also a great opportunity to turn over a new leaf on our dietar (read more)