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Letters to the editor
Respect the flag EDITOR: Well, another Flag Day has passed, and our national symbol is no better off. Our flag is trashed everywhere. Look around you. Perhaps manifest display of the lack of any respect to the National Symbol has to do with the lackadais (read more)
Hennip is the one EDITOR: We have the opportunity to elect an extremely well qualified man to serve as Claverack's director for Zone 4. Gary Hennip worked for many years as the director of marketing for the Sire Power Co-op, so he knows how co-ops shoul (read more)
Congratulations Sayre Borough EDITOR: On Monday June 1, the Sayre Morning Times ran an article that announced Sayre as the 11th best town in Pennsylvania. This information was gleaned from a website that ranks towns across the country for liva (read more)
Little white flags of surrender EDITOR: On May 3, Radical Islamic militants carried out an attack against one of America's freedoms in Garland, Texas. Pamela Geller, and The American Freedom Defense Initiative Group were having a freedom of expression e (read more)
Those mental idiots EDITOR: I listened to one of Glen Beck's radio morning shows and these guys are profoundly out-and-out nut cases and they generally tell it like it is. And more. Glen Beck wondered what could happen to this country if you ha (read more)