Letters to the editor
Support for Shaw EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Alan Shaw for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford County. I have known Alan for years both as a student and friend. Alan is a hard dedicated worker. He is honest and truthful and (read more)
Williams for judge EDITOR: I have practiced law in Bradford County for nearly nine years and am now a partner of Brann, Williams, Caldwell & Sheetz. Not having known Evan Williams before joining the firm, I have spent the last three years learning from (read more)
Support for Dan Barrett EDITOR: I am writing to support Dan Barrett for district attorney. I have known Mr. Barrett for 20 years. During that time, I have only known him to be a prepared, assertive, knowledgeable, likable person and attorney. As a perso (read more)
Not a popularity contest EDITOR: As a regular reader of The Review, I see there has been a lot of advertising by Evan Williams (candidate for Bradford County judge) and an equal amount of testimonials from people around the Troy area who know him or his (read more)
Shaw for judge EDITOR: I write to offer my unqualified endorsement of Attorney Alan Shaw, candidate for the open seat on the Judicial Bench of Bradford County. I practiced law for over 60 years, although I am now retired. I have practiced law with Alan (read more)
Support for Alan Shaw EDITOR: This letter is written with the strongest of support for Alan Shaw in his quest to be a Bradford County Judge. I have known Alan since he was a child as I taught sixth grade with his mother, Barbara Shaw. Alan wa (read more)
The right choice EDITOR: Selecting a judge for Bradford County is a serious responsibility. Our second judge will be on the bench for a 10-year term, during which time he will make numerous decisions concerning our municipalities, our schools, our frien (read more)
Extending our support ... EDITOR: We wish to extend our support to Mr. Evan Williams in his bid to become the next judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Bradford County. As members of this community, we have come to know and respect the integrity of Mr. (read more)
'I recommend Dan Barrett' EDITOR: I support Dan Barrett for re-election. I have come to know Dan well over the last eight years. He cares about his work and what he can do for the people in this county. He has a very practical and realistic understanding (read more)
Williams for Judge EDITOR: I am writing this letter in support of Evan Williams for Judge. He is a prime example of a person who has given back to the community in which he grew up. Evan was in one of my first classes when I started at Troy High School. (read more)
I support Evan Williams for Judge in Bradford County EDITOR: I have known Evan Williams and his family for most of his life. Evan and my son are the same age and grew up together through school, sports and activities. Evan was raised to be respectful, h (read more)
In support of Evan Williams III EDITOR: I wish to support Evan Williams III in his pursuit in the up coming election for Judge on the Court of Common Pleas in Bradford County. Evan is a personable, kind, and capable individual who has involved hims (read more)
Priorities EDITOR: I am very concerned about your newspaper's priorities in what was selected for publication concerning the topics discussed at a recent Troy School Board meeting the 17th of March. I attended that meeting and taking the opportunity to (read more)
Open letter to my friends and fellow citizens of Bradford County EDITOR: As a citizen of Bradford County I am writing this letter on an extremely important matter that impacts my life and future and also your own. In a nutshell it concerns the selection (read more)
Williams for judge EDITOR: We would like to recognize the candidate for Judge of Bradford County, Evan Williams as our choice and recommend him to the voters of the county as the most promising candidate for the people. Evan is an outstanding example of (read more)