Letters to the editor
RE: James E Causey - 'The dissing of a President' dated July 10, 2014 EDITOR'S NOTE: The following letter responds to an editorial column The Review published in July by McClatchy News Service columnist James E. Causey. EDITOR: Two Thumbs Down…….May (read more)
Impatient for results EDITOR: Anguish accomplishes nothing. I am impatient for results. The fatal accident in Troy on Wednesday, has a clear cause that should have been foreseen. Oversight in the permitting process prior to the construction of a D (read more)
More gun laws are not the answer EDITOR: The title of an editorial in the Sept. 3, 2014 issue of The Daily Review ("A little common sense would have prevented Uzi tragedy" by Dan K. Thomasson) actually makes a lot of sense. Another tragic death occurred, (read more)
Hope? EDITOR: 30 years ago, we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Today, we have Barack Obama, No Cash and No Hope! Obama's success as a community organizer is legendary, largely based on governmental grants. His recent conceptual ideology d (read more)
'Maybe half a loaf is better than no loaf?' EDITOR: How disappointing and frustrating it is to read in a local newspaper comments made by Senator Gene Yaw about myself and this Board of Commissioners in his attempt at "setting the record straight" as h (read more)
A necessity for decorum EDITOR: When we elect public officials: The president, governor, federal or state representatives, senators, county commissioners, school board members or even dog catchers, the members of society they serve expect and should dem (read more)
It's all 'Geek' EDITOR: I can not understand why all of the erudite souls in Bradford County's library systems have come up with the term 'Geek', instead of 'love', to express their attachment to their libraries. I realize that I am not well educated h (read more)
More on Watergate EDITOR: In response to the recent letter to the editor and for the benefit of the young readers who may not be familiar with the President Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate break in, let me take issue with David J. Brann's statement, (read more)
Letter to the Editor EDITOR: I want to express my thoughts regarding two of the commissioners' decisions to terminate Bradford County's membership in the Endless Mountain's Visitor's Bureau (EMVB). Ironically, Mr. McLinko voted against the implementation (read more)