Letters to the editor
Art for art's sake EDITOR: I've been an artist working in Bradford County and member of the Fine Arts Council of Troy (F.A.C.T.) for several decades. There has been a disturbing trend in recent years with places of business declining local art in favor (read more)
Let veterans enjoy their day EDITOR: The one day each year to celebrate Veterans Day, it's a way to thank the men, women, past and present for their sacrifice for their country. Please tell me why do you disrespect veterans with sale ads, Veterans Day sa (read more)
Wysox Township sounds off EDITOR: Wysox Township has recently fielded citizens' concerns over three issues. One is the traffic signal at the intersections of routes 187 and US 6. Another revolved around bridge inspections. The last has to do with a "stop (read more)
Taxes too high EDITOR: As a husband and a father of three young boys my family has contemplated for the last three years the possibility of moving to Towanda. My wife grew up in Towanda and the draw is the desire to be closer to family and enjoy the bene (read more)
Congratulations for your unopposed victory EDITOR: On Nov. 4, 2014 the voters of the 110th District re-elected for the eighth time Tina Pickett, as their representative in Harrisburg. She ran unopposed. Congratulations! At first reading t (read more)
The White House has become obsolete EDITOR: Recent incursions of security at the White House and lapses of Secret Service protection and the threat of terrorism is not just a recent 21st century occurrence. Two hundred years ago, the British invaded Wash (read more)
Reader disservice EDITOR: I am writing regarding the brief, daily column "Today's Inspiration." While I understand, demographically, the majority of people who live in Bradford County are Christian, should that account for the exclusivity of Christian i (read more)
Support and educate EDITOR: As November arrives, I ask the question: What comes after Nov. 10? The obvious answer is the 11th and that is correct. However the answer I am looking for is Veterans Day, a day when banks, government offices and oth (read more)