Thanks for the editorial

EDITOR: I have recently had a lot my old 'work associates' ask me why they haven't seen any of my 'Letters To The Editor' lately. The answer: Insufficient Stimulation. But today it happened!

I would like to commend the Editor for the editorial regarding renewable energy in today's Daily Review (Tues., May 29,'12). I too agree that more support and more effort to further develop renewable energy is vital for the energy needs of our nation.

This past Sunday, for the first time in my 80+ years, I toured the top of Armenia Mountain with my brother and our wives. And while some may find the wind turbines objectionable, I have long felt, and I still do, that I would much rather see the wind turbines providing electrical energy than to witness the scarring of the Northeast countryside by the well pads and the pipe-line infrastructure of the natural gas industry.

Regretfully, Big Energy, be it natural gas or oil, has too much of a stranglehold on the nation's economy, and their pockets are deep. This was witnessed in our last election when they poured 1.8+ million dollars into the coffers of our Republican Gubernatorial Candidate. And, they made their "donations" to buy support, right on down to the county level. It is on the Internet.

Then, we see the passionate ads on TV and the self-aggrandizing ads in the printed media, along with the photo-ops of donations to every imaginable service group in their efforts to buy public support and calm the disgruntled members of the populace.

No one can deny that our country has a voracious appetite for energy, but the government and 'the media' should be giving more support to solar, wind, hydroelectric, and even off-shore tidal generation of electricity. I was amazed when I searched on my computer and found out how many countries other than the United States are using tidal-generated electricity.

I wish that my house had a roof-line that made it practical to put solar panels on it. And even more so, I wish that I had the youth and energy (and money) to build a geodesic dome home (see Energy conservation in our homes is just as important as the energy put into them. I for one, would be happy to see more tax rebates going in that direction.

And, to those who say, "What a wonderful job the gas industry has done for our roads!" I can only say that they did it more for their own needs than for ours - as much as I now enjoy driving on them.

So, thanks again for the editorial. Let's hope that it has a positive effect on our State and Federal Representatives.

Ramon Yale


Letter to the Editor 6/5/2012