EDITOR: This is regarding the PSU mess. I have always respected Judge Freeh especially when he was able to run a fairly honest FBI, while he worked for Bill Clinton! But, if we are to believe, that four men of high positions in one of the most esteemed university's in the nation: 1) took a vow to not turn in a known pedophile; and 2) kept that vow for 14 years, is absolute hogwash. How often can you keep a secret that your neighbor tells you? It is a very easy act to condemn a man who is already in the ground!

Geo Houser


Philosophical musing

EDITOR: With all of the flack regarding being "my brother's keeper" and loving my neighbor as myself it occurred to me that these are two entirely different schools of thought. If I love my neighbor as myself I treat him/her as an equal, as someone with a free will, as I would want to be treated. Yes, I look out for the person and help however I can. But I would not compel him/her to purchase something that he/she does not want even if I felt that it was for the person's own good. If I am someone's "keeper" I have sovereignty over that person, as a zookeeper has sovereignty over the animals, as a despot has sovereignty over his subjects. My "brother" has no free will, or at least is not given the opportunity to exercise it. As his "keeper", I know what's best for my "brother" and he does not.

Ken Robertson


Marcellus Shale Expo

EDITOR: As an exhibitor and attendee of the Marcellus Shale Business Expo, I would like to thank the Progress

Authority for organizing another great expo. This event is a testament to the number of lives the natural gas industry has touched in our area.

Most notably, I was happy to see that some of companies at the event were displaying natural gas vehicles (NGVs) to educate business owners and the public about the benefits of using natural gas as a transportation fuel. Natural gas is not only an abundant American resource, but found right here in Bradford County. It has great potential to drive our economy and power our energy and transportation demands with attractive benefits.

Economically, NGVs have lower transportation fueling costs and increase the bottom lines of small and large businesses alike. Additionally, NGVs are cleaner and more efficient, producing fewer emissions when compared with other fleet vehicle types.

For some of us in rural Pennsylvania who travel great distances for work, a more affordable fuel developed right here in Pennsylvania makes perfect sense. NGVs have a lot of promise in Pennsylvania and their benefits are numerous. Thanks to our abundance of supply at affordable prices, natural gas is putting Pennsylvania on the road to a cleaner transportation future.

Krystle Bristol