Working together

EDITOR: The recent Brouhaha over spending of the impact fee is a good chance for a compromise with promising long term objectives. Since two of the three commissioners want to pay down the county debt while the other opts for more spending. Why not chart a course of two thirds for debt reduction and one third for new projects? With a ball park figure to start with, it seems much more would be accomplished. Trying to work together could be a future with less problems.

Duane Hunter


Where's Tina?

EDITOR: Even though we live hours away from Bradford County now. I still take the Daily Review.

I have noticed that the last several weeks Tina Pickett never seems to miss a photo opt. In spite of this she apparently didn't bother to attend Master Sgt. Mike Taylor's retirement party recently. He is from the somewhat remote town of LeRaysville, but is a 20 year air force veteran, who deserved more from her than a flag.

Lee Neiley

Beacon, N.Y.