More on peace

(Editor's Note: This letter, which appeared in Wednesday's edition, is being re-printed because a section of it was eliminated. The letter which appears here is in its entirety, as the author intended.)

EDITOR: The text of the editorial in your edition of Monday, Oct. 15, belies its own headline: "Peace...needs to be taken more seriously." While I might agree that Aung San Suu Kyi is a more obvious choice for the Nobel Peace Prize than either President Obama or the European Union, we would spend our time better to understand the reasoning of the Nobel Committee.

Peace is not merely the absence of war, although war occasionally is needed to secure it. Peace is a necessary, but not always sufficient, condition for the freedoms we cherish. Peace enables children to be free to be educated to their full potential. Peace allows adults the freedom to enjoy the fruits of their enterprise. Peace permits the elderly the security to fade away in comfort and dignity.

Let me commend for your "Review" the editorial cartoon in your edition on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Please note the dove of peace, and please reprint the cartoon. (See the cartoon above.) Ambassador Chris Stevens gave his life building relationships with the Arabic-speaking people of North Africa, whom he learned to love as a U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco in 1983 to 1985. Are the relationships what the Nobel Committee is celebrating with its Peace Prize? Perhaps you should nominate Chris Stevens for the Nobel Peace Prize and learn the answer to my question.

Franklin Innes, Towanda

RPCV, Samoa 1, 1967-1970

No blame game

EDITOR: What a difference four years makes. Four years ago candidate Barack Obama was promising "Hope and Change" to America. He was going to end party politics and get both parties to work together. That is what he promised and he convinced a lot of voters that he really would. Unfortunately he has been the most divisive president America has ever seen. Any time someone disagrees with some program or idea of this president they are accused of being racist, not caring about the poor, waging war on women, being homophobic or disliking Hispanics, anything to avoid a debate on the real issues. Whatever the subject the tactic is always the same, the President should just make a list and number the slam accusations, he could save time by calling out a number. He wouldn't have to say war on women; he could just say No. 3, much easier. Most of us are tired of hearing the same old slams anyway.

It is a real shame that the President wasted such a great opportunity; our country really needed a leader who could unite Americans to address the many problems we face. Instead of working together to solve existing problems this president chose to divide the country further by forcing a government takeover of health care. A program forced through by a one party rule, against the will of a large majority of our citizens. If you have been paying attention for the last six months you may have noticed that the President has not bragged about his greatest accomplishments much. Even he knows how unpopular "Obamacare" is. Contrary to the hype the more we find out about "Obamacare" the more we dislike it. The many new taxes, regulations and rationing that will have to be part of the program.

When this country really needed a leader, we thought we had gotten one, but we ended up with a president who just points fingers at others. In my opinion, not once in his four years has he accepted the blame for any failures. President Obama has been big on promises and short on results. Remember cutting the deficit in half? Instead we got six trillion dollars of new debt. What do we have to show for that money? Wealthier campaign contributors for the President's reelection fund. It is almost comical to hear the President demonize the rich while hosting fundraiser dinners that cost $50,000 a plate! I don't know many middle class people who can afford these, do you?

This president has built a legacy of debt and failure. He has no clue how we can recover because he does not believe in America. Barack Obama had his chance, now we deserve a change for the better. We must elect Mitt Romney, a leader who knows how to turn things around!

Bobbi Ott