The person for the job

Dear Editor: In my capacity as Chief & Lead Investigator of the Humane Law Enforcement Division at Stray Haven Humane Society & SPCA Inc. from 2002-2005 I had to pleasure of working closely with Kirk Martin on several cases. Kirk is a friend of the animals, and ALWAYS made sure that the suspects were given swift and just punishment. He was a GREAT prosecutor of animal related crimes, always making time to review the case, and meet with me about each case to see what the best course of action for that case, what the desired outcome that was in the best interest of the animals and the people were. In doing so he always would keep the rights of the people and animals in mind and remained focused on the case and fair. Kirk is a friend of animals, and the only candidate who supports our 2nd amendment rights.

In my professional opinion Kirk Martin is the only person for the job of Tioga County District Attorney. Not only is he dedicated, he is compassionate and honest, and is held to the highest regard.


Patrick Cartwright Jr.

Owego, New York