Is this America's president?

EDITOR: I saw an article in The Daily Review about the president, telling the country he is sorry that millions of people are losing their insurance, but he fell short of apologizing for making those promises to start with. Are we supposed to believe him, or forgive him? He has a very poor track record. He has out and out lied at least 24 different times in his speeches concerning the Affordable Care Act. There is no doubt; the White House knew that millions of people would lose their insurance, and rates would go up long before Obamacare became the law of the land.

While surfing the internet and watching videos of the President, I have found at least 21 other lies President Obama has told the public since he ran for office first time. I would like to remind you of a few of them. When he was running for President, he talked about his father who served in World War II. The truth is; his father was being raised as a communist, living in Kenya, and was only nine years old when the war ended. He promised to eliminate income tax for senior citizens that have an income of less than fifty five thousand dollars a year. In October 2007 in a campaign speech, he promised to end the war in Afghanistan, and bring home the troops if elected in 2008. He said, and I quote; "You can take this to the bank." It never happened. He said there was going to be a lot of transparency in the government to combat fraud and corruption. He assured us; he would close GETMO in Cuba, and stop the torture of the prisoners there. GETMO and the prisoners are still there. Remember; when the IRS was caught harassing the Tea Party over their tax exemption status? Remember the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, and how we were told; it was started over a video that offended some Muslims? This turned out to be a lie. The president promised there would be an investigation into both of these scandals. He promised to find those responsible, and he told us they would be held accountable.

Look at the bill of goods the president sold the people of this country while peddling his Affordable Care Act. The definition of fraud. You have the right to freedom from being improperly induced or persuaded to do something or not to do something by someone's trickery. (A) a conscious or knowing false statement made to you, (b) by someone who knew the statements were false, (c) with the intention that you would rely on it (d) followed by your actual reliance on it and, (e) your suffering as a result. This came from a book titled; You and the Law. Don't the actions of the president constitute fraud? Millions of Americans are having their insurance canceled or their rates are so high they can't pay for it. There are people who are sick, and can no longer continual their medical treatment who will probably die, because they lost their insurance.

Look at this country we live in, we have high unemployment, a huge national debt, a failing economy, our health care system is now in total shambles, and we have a president that has been perpetrating a fraud on the citizens for the last five years. Should not President Obama be held accountable for his actions? If I lie on my income tax return, it is considered fraud, and I can be arrested for it. I could be fined or serve time in prison for it. Is it ok for the president, or the government to lie to its citizens, and commit an act of fraud against them? Even if it is legal, it is still morally wrong, and it is an atrocious act. I believe; the president committed an act of fraud, he is a criminal, and he should be treated as such. When President Clinton was in office, he was caught telling one lie to cover up an extramarital affair. Most of the people in the country were calling for him to resign or wanted him impeached. Are not President Obama's actions far worst? I can't understand why the people in this country are not enraged and screaming for President Obama to resign, calling for his impeachment, and that he is held accountable for his crimes against America.

Craig H. Pierce