Open letter to Pat Toomey (emailed at his site),

Gotta tell ya I'm pushing 70, not sure how many more years I'm gonna serve on the Republican Committee, but the thing is I'm getting too old to be putting up with stupid anymore.

Couldn't find my choice in your "Topic" pull down menu. So the closest thing I could come up with when talking about people in government violating our US Constitution is "Consumer Protection." I mean, that is what it is supposed to be all about, our US Constitution that is??? And protecting the citizens of America from an abusive tyrannical government? Somehow, from all the crap I see coming out of the White House it doesn't seem to matter anymore that we have (supposedly) 3 co-equal branches of government that our founders specifically designed to be adversarial toward each other to protect us from them. Am I wrong? I see the founders thinking "be careful what you wish for" and saying to themselves, "we need to design gridlock into this system," and they did (Thank God).

What is bothering me at the moment is all you guys down there in Washington, D.C. (including Democrats) that know full well Obama is ripping the US Constitution to shreds and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is being done about it.

I voted for you. I expect you to protect our Constitution no matter what the consequences are politically. When I was a very young man I took an oath too, to protect and uphold the US Constitution. Even Democrats are coming out now and saying Obama has gone over the edge. You want my vote ever again, ya gotta do something about this mess we're in or we won't have a country or a Constitution to protect. Please, no form letter responses, they don't cut it.

Victor Lawson

Columbia Crossroads