Does the Second Amendment really work?

I am sure; most people have watched the news about the rancher in the state of Nevada, and his right to graze his cattle on federal land. He believes; he has preemptive rights to the land, and among those rights is the right to forage. Cliven Bundy doesn't recognize the federal authority of the land. He believes the land belongs to the state of Nevada, and not the Federal Government.

In reality; the standoff had little to do with Cliven Bundy's cattle being seized or killed by the Federal Government, or the fact the Federal Government believes he owes them millions of dollars for grazing rights. For years; the Federal Government has been encroaching and impeding on the civil rights and liberties of all citizens. The incidence quickly became a symbolic symbol of a lawless government over stepping the boundary of their Constitutional authority, trampling on the rights of the citizens of this country, and the abusive use of governmental power. It was an act of civil disobedience, and the citizens of this country drawing a line in the sand against what they feel is a tyrannical government.

We came within minutes of an all out range war; Americans willing to kill Americans; law abiding citizens against a tyrannical government. I was glad to see the patriots of this country gather together and stand up for what they believe in; their Constitutional rights and their civil liberties by exercising their legal rights under the Second Amendment; their right to keep and bear arms. The second Amendment clearly states; we the people of the United States have the right to form "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state." The Second Amendment is the most important right we have. It is the glue, so to speak, that holds the rest of the Constitution together, and it protects the Constitution from an oppressive and tyrannical government. How can we protect the Constitution and ourselves against tyranny without the Second Amendment? It is the only thing that prevents our democracy from becoming a dictatorship. Why do you think the government constantly wants to control our guns, and take them away? The government realizes that without the Second Amendment, we would be living in a state of tyranny, and they would have total control of the citizens of this country. During the Revolution, it was musket against musket and patriots against a tyrannical government. It was a fair fight. This is why, I firmly believe, the Constitution gives the citizens of this country the legal right to own semi-automatic weapons and AK-47s. Can the citizens of this country protect the Constitution, their civil liberties, and maintain the security of a free state with pea shooters and sling shots, or sticks and stones?

There were militia groups from other states with AK-47s to show their support for the rancher, and to protect their civil liberties. I wonder how the Federal Government and the BLM Agents liked staring down the barrels of all those AK-47s that were cocked and loaded; knowing the people behind them were willing to use them to protect the Constitution and their civil liberties if necessary? The government goes around forcing their un-constitutional authority on the citizens of this country flaunting their weapons and abusive power; I wonder how they liked looking down the opposite end of the barrel for a change? After the BLM backed-off Cliven Bundy made the statement. It is a wonderful day in Bunkerville. It was a wonderful day and a victory for all Americans who love the Constitution and their civil liberties.

Harry Reid made the statement, "This matter is not over yet." "The protesters have violated the laws of this country, and they are not going to walk away from it." Why would a member of Congress make such a statement, when he is part of the lawless and hypocritical government that created the problem? Harry Reid may be right if the government continues to trample the rights of the citizens, and they do not get rid of the corruption and lawlessness in Washington; it may not be over. The only thing the protesters did, was to legally exercise their rights under the Constitution, and the Second Amendment. Why does Harry Reid want to escalate the situation? Does he want to see Americas killing Americans; citizens against the government?

Do I feel that the Second Amendment still works? Yes; the Second Amendment does work. As you watched this story in Nevada unfold in the news, you could see the Second Amendment in action, and understand why the framers of the Constitution gave us this right. However; the Second Amendment is useless if we the people are not willing to use that right. I hope, I never see another standoff with Americans against Americans the citizens against the government, but If it does happen their battle cry just might be "Remember the Stand-off at Bunkerville.

Craig H. Pierce