There is no question

EDITOR: As to the letter to the editor on April 14, 2014, written by Craig Pierce: Every word that Mr. Pierce stated is the absolute truth and I applaud him for it. But your, The Daily Review's, heading for that letter, "Does the Second Amendment really work?" was infuriating as it posed the question that there could be any doubt. As long as the federal government continues its over-reaching hold on America's freedom, the American public needs to be armed to protect themselves from foreign and domestic threat and our domestic threat is every single day in our once free country.

There are zero murders in Switzerland and every household must be armed, by law, and still there are those that would follow China's example instead, where wholesale murder by the government is rampant.

As to Harry Reid: He is a senile, power monger who would fire on people of his own state. Does this remind you of a square in China a few short years ago? Harry Reid should be recalled - immediately.

I have the right to protect myself and the duty to protect my family from domestic or foreign tyranny. As long as this government is well-armed, so too, should we the people be.

Well said Mr. Pierce!

Sarah Scholl


EDITOR'S NOTE: Just a reminder that on any given topic there will always be conflicting points of view. It is The Daily Review's position to remain neutral, while giving letter writers freedom to express their individual opinions.