Regarding the Editorial in Sunday's Review, 'C. J. Marshall: Significa: There's only one race that matters'

EDITOR: What an excellent comment on racism in this country. And especially the calling out of the racists locally.

I realize it will take years, maybe even decades, for change that is inevitable and taking place all over this land.

I wonder why the racists can't see the change that has taken place and continues. I also realize that we in the

hinterlands are shielded from the masses in the more populated areas of the country where mixed marriage and cohabiting is the norm. Yes, the norm. To you hate mongers this is something you must overcome. I hope in our lifetime. Its disgusting to me that we live among those so ignorant that they cannot see beyond their prejudice.

Aren't these hate mongers ever exposed to the outside world and what is portrayed on television? Come on people, wake up and enjoy the life that your God has given you. Stop the discrimination . . . Now.

Harry Patterson