Bryan Wolfe: May his sincere efforts not die in vain

EDITOR: On Tuesday, Aug. 7, dairy farmer activists all across the United States were shocked to hear about the untimely death of Bryan Wolfe, a sincere dairy farmer activist from Rome Township, Ohio.

Bryan was killed attending to his haybine in one of his hayfields. At this point an unknown mishap caused his death.

Bryan was a well-known and respected dairy farmer activist who continually worked to obtain a fair price for all dairy farmers. He felt very strong that a cost of production formula should be developed (like S-1640; the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act) to ensure all dairy farmers would have a fair chance to survive this RAT RACE that many dairy farmers are experiencing.

Unfortunately, we can't bring Bryan back to fulfill his ambition to obtain a fair price for dairy farmers. However, what we can do is all dairy farmer activists can join together and form an alliance which should be geared for all of us to join together and help obtain a new pricing formula that Bryan and others have been pursuing. Nothing less than this effort would only mean that Bryan's efforts would have been wasted.

1. I'm sure Bryan would urge us all to pursue a milk pricing formula that would be based on the National Average Cost of producing milk.

2. Also he would urge a milk supply management program that would be implemented only when needed. This would not cost the government any funds.

3. I'm sure Bryan would urge Congress to reject the proposed insurance program that has passed the US Senate.

4. I'm sure that Bryan would want a thorough study made of the safety of milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate.

5. Finally, without any reservations Bryan would want the unneeded imports of dairy products (especially MPCs) curtailed.

This is quite a list for all of us to pursue. However, if we want to return profitability to our family dairy farmers; then we all must work diligently to obtain what Bryan Wolfe was pursuing. No longer can the U.S. Congress continue to turn a deaf ear concerning what is needed by our family dairy farms.

Let's unite our efforts and obtain what Bryan wanted for dairy farmers, and what all of us want, and that is a fair price WITHOUT any form of a government subsidy.

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Arden Tewksbury

Manager, Pro-Ag