\Going the 'extra' extra mile

EDITOR: As a regular reader of Greg Zyla's 'Extra Mile' in the Daily Review and as a dedicated tracker of the cost of driving my own vehicles, I had to do this Letter To Editor trusting that it will come to Mr. Zyla's attention.

In keeping records of my fuel consumption and miles per gallon, I carry the calculation on to "cents per mile." And, I know for a fact, cents/mile can vary with the type of driving one does (local vs highway) and the "yoyoing" price of fuel.

Mr. Zyla, in today's daily is test driving the Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Diesel and he piqued my interest to the extent that I had to run down to Bishop's True Value and check today's prices on gasoline and diesel fuel. The gasoline price on this date is $3.599 per gallon and diesel is $3.949 per gallon.

Now, factoring in the VW Beetle's miles per gallon (estimated) - gasoline at 30 miles per gallon and diesel at 40 mpg, the diesel wins at 9.87 cents/mile vs 12.0 cents/ mile for gasoline (highway). So I would like to suggest that Mr. Zyla consider factoring Cents/Mile into his "Extra Mile Appraisals."

I hope that he will forgive me for using the Letter To Editor instead of a direct contact, but I wanted to share the concept with all of the local readers who may be interested.

Ramon Yale