The flip side of global warming

EDITOR: Thank you for publishing two excellent Letters to the Editor. Mr. Calaman wrote that global warming is God's retribution for human wickedness. In other words, if God's subjects fail to deliver what God wants, retribution and punishment follows.

There is universal consensus that God doesn't use text messaging, but communicates through feelings, the language of the soul. Upon receipt of feelings, the message is filtered through cultural and educational realities.

In Biblical times information about the world around you was in its infancy. Al Gore wasn't around to invent the Internet and Copernicus didn't show up for another 1,500 years to explain cosmology which has been replaced by Einstein's theory of relativity. Heaven is no longer up and Hell down. There is dark matter, Higgs Boson is the talk of astrophysicists (the God particle) which may explain the missing gravitation pull of the universe. There is a trend by many to understand who said - what God wants, which is multi variable function given the lack of a dictating machine, accuracy of documentation and translation challenges.

Further more, there is unanimity in the belief that a God of the Universe, is all and has all. Herefore, by inference - God cannot have wants. For to have wants, means you cannot or unable to have it, and such would be inconsistent of God.

Since antiquity, human beings have been indoctrinated under the Free Will doctrine, if they do not choose What God Wants - you will surely suffer and pay the consequences. Some may even feel that humans in positions of power have learned to use the word "freedom" to get others to do as they are told.

Belief in God remains near unanimous in the US, however, one out of 5 currently claim no religious affiliation. This is a drastic rise from a decade ago, when only 6 percent of the population felt that way. This factor is evidenced in empty pews on Sunday morning. Some have spiced-up the services with updated music. Those who are at the helm of success manage to accentuate the positive. Examination of what God wants will have a positive impact on social as well as theological discourse.

Holy writings are brimming with a kill, kill mentality: "The sword is the key to Paradise which can be opened only to Holy Warriors" (1),…. "fight until all the land of your enemies are subdued and until then, to take no prisoners" (2) … "O yea who believe,! Fight the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you, and know that Allah is with those who fear Him". (3) Some find God's removing Sodom and Gomorra off the face of the earth as tragic, when considering that there were infants, babies, and children around, but lets not diminish God's accomplishments. A bizarre sample of God's love is egging on Abraham to kill his son Issac. Now, any reasonable father would, - and should say - "are you nuts? - send me another text message, because this one makes no sense". Indians and enslaved blacks found little compassion from Bible thumping believers and white hooded church goers. The early bird gets the worm is a great story, - if you're the bird. If you're the worm (enslaved, hunted, told you're worthless and honor killed for disagreeing with parent's wishes)- well, the story has a totally different slant.

New theologies need to entertain that all human beings - are chosen people, made up of physical matter sourced from the stars, with a spirit that germinates upon conception as Divinity and Humanity intersect. Such thinking may permeate the consciousness. Perhaps in some distant future, there will be a Gospel according to Chuck, - for it will foster an understanding that it is blessed to give, not because God wants you to, (or you will be punished), but because your spirit knows it is good to do it. In a holistic sense, an act of self actualization is to love thy neighbor as yourself as Ken Robertson pointed out so elegantly in his philosophical essay on "My brother's keeper." Not just the good looking neighbor, but the infirmed, the weak, the lonely and especially those who have trespassed against you. To love all, is the stuff of being on the same page with your Creator - and that IS the good news of tomorrows.

Chuck Kovacs