More on Watergate

EDITOR: In response to the recent letter to the editor and for the benefit of the young readers who may not be familiar with the President Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate break in, let me take issue with David J. Brann's statement, "Richard Nixon, more than anyone else put the nation ahead of himself."

Any fair assessment of Richard Nixon's presidency would have to give him credit for his achievements in foreign affairs. Undoubtedly this is the reason for the Economist magazine's evaluation of his time in office.

Mr. Brann's characterization of the many others involved in this legal and political crisis does little to advance his cause.

There is little doubt that President Nixon would have been easily reelected and this third rate burglary was just an unnecessary side show. Many doubt that President Nixon knew of or was directly involved in the burglary itself. A number of people however believe that his administration fostered an atmosphere that led to such a blunder.

An anniversary such as this is a great opportunity for both old and youth go reacquaint themselves with this important event in our political history.

If any praise is deserved, let me suggest that President Gerald Ford with his pardon of Richard Nixon showed enormous courage in spite of great opposition and many believe it cost him his chance to be elected in his own right.

David A. Fortune