Neither rain, nor snow ...

EDITOR: One month from yesterday, Dec. 9, 2012, the "powers that be" will be holding a meeting, purpotedly at the Ulster post office per the letter from Mr. Robert Varano, Mgr. of Operation Program Support. In other words, the Ulster post office issue is rapidly coming to a head . The patrons of the Ulster USPS have received a questionnaire which is supposed to help "the powers that be" determine what route to take in cutting services from the Ulster post office - in addition to reducing "window hours" to 6 hours/day.

In my opinion, the Ulster post office should be kept a "full service post office"-operating 6 hrs/day !

In stating that, I would like to make a point to the residents of Ulster-Sheshequin and many in Smithfield Township, that the Ulster post office is also utilized by many people from Towanda and the Valley. In fact, I was at the post office one day last week when a young lady stopped with a very big stack of envelopes and a package that all needed postage. When I left, I noticed that her car had a New York State license plate.

Whether it is the "no steps access" or just plain ease of access, many people like to stop at the Ulster post office when passing through town.

There have been middle-age to elderly people who have been advised to put up rural delivery mail boxes on the opposite side of Route 220 from their home. This is ill-advised. As an ambulance attendant some years ago, I had to aid in the removal of the body of a young lady who had been hit by an automobile in the very location of one of these suggested "mail box sites." It is definitely not the place for an elderly lady or a man to have to cross the road daily to get their mail. Today's traffic is undoubtedly higher in count and, I would be willing to bet if it could be proven, that it is traveling faster.

If you haven't returned your postal survey, I would encourage you to do so, being sure to recommend maintaining a full service post office in Ulster. I would also like to recommend that the daily 6 hour/window hours be set at 7 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m.

Many of us are still around who recall the "Contractor Operated Postal Retail Units" - commonly known then as the "Country Store." While they served us well in their point in time, they had to juggle postal service with paying grocery or "horse feed" customers.

I am sure that there are new contractors today who are ready to pick up the business. We all know that every community in Bradford County has a business that is undoubtedly ready and waiting to pick up the slack. They are picking up everything else.

I, for one, would like to see the Ulster post office maintained as a full service post office. I hope to see many of our residents at the Jan. 9, 2013 meeting. In fact, perhaps we should all register or sign an attendees list at the post office. This just might require moving the meeting to the Ulster-Sheshequin fire hall.

Hope to see you there.

Ramon L. Yale