A survivor

EDITOR: Kris, Kris, Kris. Now you've done it; you've awakened the Captain from his slumber and now the hero of the common folk, who cling to religion and guns, Captain Conservative, has sprung from his lair to rebut your latest piece of foolishness titled "Thank the NRA for cold, dead children'.

It's been a while hasn't it my friend? Our war of the printed word has been at a stalemate for a few years now but unfortunately it must resume due to your well-intentioned but not entirely truthful liberal slanted diatribe of Dec. 19 and printed in this newspaper.

First and foremost, what happened in Newtown indeed in all of the situations you mentioned were tragedies of the utmost degree and my heart goes out to all of the parents and loved ones in Connecticut. I am a parent and now a grandparent of a precious little 5 year old and cannot imagine the terror and grief the victims and their families had to endure.

I am a gun owner and even own some of those evil and wicked "assault weapons" your type likes to blame for all of the ills in society. That is of course if you aren't blaming George Bush. I am also in the NRA. I have belonged since my grandfather taught me to shoot at the age of 13. As a matter of fact, I intend to renew my membership at the upcoming outdoor show in February and as such I take considerable exception to your bias toward an organization which has done more to preserve our second amendment rights than any politician ever has or will. Since you used your First Amendment right to criticize my organization I will use mine to defend it as well as point out a few facts that you conveniently left out, much like the mainstream media and the alphabet networks do.

I'm sure you think you researched the facts well with Wikipedia and the Huffington Post, which is leaning so far left they are ready to fall off of the edge of the earth. Yes, these events did occur and yes, you are very correct in the firearms they used. Now ask yourself how many of these murderers actually bought their weapons by truthfully filling out the paperwork for a background check. You see all of these people had mental issues to some degree, which you conveniently left out, and therefore they lied on the paperwork, so I believe we can assume they obtained them illegally. In the case of the incident at Columbine, Klebold and Harris obtained their guns from a "straw purchaser" who passed the background check and then handed the guns to these murderers to commit their evil deed.(www.cato.org/publications/commentary/gun-control-myths-realities). Do we need to do something about this kind of thing? Of course we do. Do we need to better educate potential firearm owners, perhaps to the point of knowing the safety, security and the laws regarding the same? Absolutely. But then a few of these perpetrators including the Newtown murderer stole their weapons from someone else so how do we prevent this? Also, these massacres took place in so called "gun free zones". Did you ever hear of this happening at a gun show or anywhere else that lawful gun owners congregated? No you have not. The statistics showing firearm deaths in this country do not differentiate those killed in self defense from those murdered, suicides and accidental deaths. Many lives are saved by the presence of a firearm approximately 2500 times per year however it isn't reported in the media because it just doesn't fit into their agenda. Kind of their "Inconvenient Truth" don't you think?

226 years ago our forefathers drafted a constitution containing those hallowed words "A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". Nothing has changed since then. The armed citizens of this country are and have been a barrier to government running amok as well as enemies of the foreign sort. Hirohito refused to attack the mainland United States in WW II because "there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass," his words not mine. You say these weapons have no civilian use. Remember Hurricane Katrina and more recently Hurricane Sandy? For weeks in some cases people had none of the necessities normal to everyday life. Roving bands of criminals had a free pass to steal food, water etc. from those who had prepared. They fired on National Guard choppers which were attempting rescues forcing them to turn back from their mission. It is called anarchy Kris, and don't think it can't happen here. I want the best available to protect me and mine as I'm sure the bad guys will have the same, there again obtained illegally. I have the right to be at least as well armed as they will be. Besides what right does this administration have to tell me I can't have the same thing they sold to the Mexican cartels in the botched Fast and Furious fiasco, these weapons leading to hundreds perhaps thousands of murders in Mexico and here at home. You can hope the police get to your house to stop someone kicking your door in before he actually succeeds; myself I'll also call them but my and everyone's first line of defense is their own self. Remember, when seconds count help is only minutes away.

No amount of regulation will ever completely stop the actions of a few days ago. Perhaps we should start raising our kids rather than letting the television, computer, Xbox and a host of other modern technology do it for us. Morality begins at home and if we aren't willing to sacrifice the time to raise our families properly then perhaps we should forgo having children. We in this country seem to no longer be responsible for our actions; such as in the case of Newtown is it the gun's fault as well as the NRA's? That said is it the fault of the brewing companies and the automakers for drunk driving deaths, fast food restaurants for making people fat and on and on and so forth.

If the NRA has blood on its hands so then every gun owner who belongs does as well. This is a pretty strong statement actually it is more or less an insult. You and your type politicized this terrible event to push your own anti gun agenda. At least the NRA waited a week before commenting, unlike the liberal news media who jumped right in at the onset hovering over grieving families with their cameras and microphones like vultures on a carcass. We are rapidly becoming a nation of sheep and when that happens, I, with my AR-15, intend to be a survivor rather than a sheep being led to slaughter.

Mark D. Miller